Why is Modern Art so Bad?

For two millennia, great artists set the standard for beauty. Now those standards are gone. Modern art is a competition between the ugly and the twisted; the most shocking wins. What happened? How did the beautiful come to be reviled and bad taste come to be celebrated? Renowned artist Robert Florczak explains the history and the mystery behind this change and how it can be stopped and even reversed.

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  1. This is my philosophy that I think is amenable to almost anyone's position on this topic:
    While it's true, that art does have objective traits that offer it inherent value, and this applies to art of any form; not all value exists in its objectively excellent traits.
    This is why music that is technically and beautifully excellent such as the composers of the classical era are rightfully celebrated and valued, and why it is possible to also enjoy more abstract and impressionistic artists like Pink Floyd.
    This is why films such as Citizen Kane are wonderful celebrations of what makes storytelling, and cinematography and sound design such a beautiful combination. But it furthermore is also possible that other films such as Space Jam, John Carpenter's The Thing, and Spider-Man are all films that are equally enjoyed and beneficial to people.

    Ultimately, technical excellence is not as valuable as much as the benefit to the audience.
    This video does an impressive service in reminding audiences of all art forms that beauty, and inspiration are virtues to be lauded and cultivated in art. In many aspects, this video should be calling for more artists to seek to instill these attributes in their own work. Too often I see artists that have deviated so far into tropes and replication and it aches my heart.

    So much talent in regurgitation of ideas in every medium. Perhaps it's representative of our time. The forge of life that purges our impurities and fills us with discipline and inspiration is missing. Instead, loneliness, confusion, and emotional over-indulgence rules the day, and the art is reflective of that.

    I can't argue that the past is greater than the present. There has always been injustice and poverty and bad people and imperfect artists and audiences throughout time. But in our present day, our faults are safeguarded behind obstinant pride and flirtations with mob rule.

    I do believe that one day the commonality for art will be to strive for excellence whilst still giving room for the strange and abstract. But that time isn't now. And we have to be patient until one day it is.

  2. 'Art is subjective', 'No idiot, Art is a reflection of society, hence objective'. 'You &%@ moron… Art is about the human condition!', 'Flatness, jerk!'. 'Philistines… Art is what I choose it to be!', 'Silly, is non-craft so posers like me can be artists'. Welcome to the Modern Art world. A world of warring sects. A world with its Supreme Pontiff (Greenberg), its degenerate or kitschmakers and its elects forever blessed. A future film: Art Wars.

  3. I actually hate this. I make modern art, nothing for a museum or to sell, just because I want to express myself. Humans are complicated beings, and I fell a sense of catharsis when expressing my thoughts and emotions. I express this through modern art, not for anyone else, but for me. Someone might look at my art and have no idea what it is, but as long as I know what my own meaning for it is, I will be satisfied. I will understand my own emotions, and as everyone as emotions, everyone expresses them in different ways. Modern art is not literal, it is figurative. If you want to understand modern art, you must consider the emotion that might have gone into it. But of course many people see only with their eyes and do not look for the emotional side of things, nor do they bother with empathy. This video used the most extreme cases of odd modern art, ones deemed "offensive." If it offends you, oh well. It means something to the artist. Also, I noticed this video completely ignored Van Gogh and Picasso. Both of them are amazing artists who did something different. They made what they wanted and didn't care what other people thought. They liked making their art and that was enough for them. And people still praise their art. So to end this rant, I must say: you have no grasp of the human emotion or empathy, and the things an artist makes to express themselves rather than just see with only their eyes.

  4. It’s a great idea to get rid of the modern art that is seen as trashy, or plain dumb. But art is still subjective, if a person style doesn’t resemble art from the start of the impressionist movement is it still art? Example: Is western animation art? Better question what about eastern animation? Anime? Are people who draw in those styles (cartoonists or mangakas) still considered artists? Art is still subjective, get rid of what is pointless, but my concern is will a person’s choice of style be subjected to empty criticism as a result?

  5. the only real good modern artist im my eyes is Alex Javier, a canadian native american who was subjected to residential school in his childhood. many of his pieces display his views on this, and all of his work is abstract, but beautiful and well crafted

  6. Thank you Jesus Christ for my real gift to make lovely art. If only those who actually take the time and effort to make actual beautiful art, did so for you. With No evil, demonic meaning behind it…

  7. famous works of art are not just beautiful skillful and inspiring, they are often revolutionary or advanced in some aspect. artists cannot continue to paint pretty scenery or ladies and be relevant at the same time. we live in a subjective world. ohhh…. scary for the weak minded. heisenberg, look him up. is van goghs paintings beautiful or ugly? ugly in his time. masterpieces now.

  8. Pablo Picasso used to paint things realistically – then the camera was invented. And he produced a lot of the crazy art today. Why paint something that you see everyday (flowers, trees) or take a picture of it with a camera?

  9. okay so you are a proponent of academy style oil paintings and classical sculpture, which seems equally as subjective. your basal premise is false and reaching. so-called modern artists do not yearn for cultural acceptance and to claim they do seems like a pretty lazy analysis. the exact opposite may be true, they often reject the current ethnocentric vantage and that's what makes their art hold meaning. being able to reproduce accurate depictions of human anatomy may suggest that someone is a skilled sculptor or a skilled painter but has no bearing on weather or not they are actually a skilled artist. and to label art in such nondescriptive terms like "good" or "bad" is lazy.

  10. This video is an insane absurdity and insult to the human intellect!
    It's just hilarious how dummies believe that realistic copying (=KITSCH) is supposedly aesthetically valuable.
    Look at the horrible, nightmarish KITSCH that this idiot produces!!

  11. Art isn't about mastery for everyone! For some, it is. But mastery also takes many forms. For others, artmaking is about personal expression and is a way to introspect and analyze their experience with the world. As far as the art institutions that then determine value, or artists that use art for commodity, historically, tend to be biased, favoring the shocking, male, famous and master. Art as a whole, is about so much more than just its quality though! Please, don't dismiss it like this artist does is in this video! I truly believe that anyone can be an artist, as long as they are willing to allow themselves to create. The act of creating itself is about self discovery and a projection of yourself and how you see the world onto a 2D (or 3D for sculpture and mixed media) plane. It's absolutely incredible! It's the only way we can see inside each other's minds. Now, it's fine if that's not your cup of tea, and you may not like how it looks, but to be generalizing, and calling all of it "bad," is just shallow thinking, in my opinion. But art can mean anything to anyone, and for you, if you value mastery and realism, that's ok too!

    However, it's not easy to create non-objective compositions that emotionally speak to many people. https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-what-makes-abstract-expressionist-painting-good

  12. The Mandelbrot Fractal Set: now that's modern art. There is an literal infinite number magnifications and "pieces" of art in it. It doesn't have meaning or make a statement about the human condition or anything. But, it will provide a visually stunning adventure and forever leave a cliff-hanger of wondering what is deeper.

  13. This argument is assuming that art has to be judged as good or bad and that, like figure skating, it is performative. Art has always been a record of the human condition at the point in time it was created. Art is not for doing the performance well, but for saying something meaningful. It's achievement is in how much it moves us, not in how well it follows the rules.

  14. If you are an artist a real one ( i mean that you studied it and earned a degree in it )you would know that art reflects our society and it is a reaction to previous art forms … besides i want yall to know that we live in POST modern times. Art its suppose to be enjoyable not judged remember its all about perspective 😊

  15. The problem with Modern Art is the myth that vision gives us a shallow mirror-like image of reality. But the visual system is an evolutionary PINNACLE and is not passive. In the terminology of Kant we see the world as experienced, not as it is. Realism is mental. The pseudo-intellectual modern artist produces DERIVATIVES of basic visual stuff and deceptively sees it as something deep. People, understandably, cannot see what these snobs pretend is there.

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