viarobot: Flexible Plug & Play Automation for your manual warehouse

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viarobot: Flexible Plug & Play Automation for your manual warehouse

Intralogistics specialist viastore presents its new autonomous warehouse and order picking solution viarobot – a robotic system that allows operators to automate their conventional manual warehouses quickly, easily and flexibly. viarobot eliminates the need for additional infrastructure such as rails or special racks – existing shelving racks can still be used. The system automatically stores, retrieves and relocates containers and cartons, and transports them to the order picker. Thanks to the use of higher-level software, viarobot is rapidly ready for use and easily scaleable: If the warehouse is expanded or needs to cope with increased seasonal demand, viarobot is capable of growing along with the requirements by allowing the integration of additional robots and racks. The warehouse operator is free to position these racks according to the building structure. This flexibility is also beneficial in the event of a pending warehouse relocation: viarobot can simply be put into operation at the new site via plug and play. Compared to manually operated warehouses, the storage capacity is up to 40% higher, throughput increases by up to 20%, and the process reliability is significantly improved.


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