[REDO FOR QUALITY] Mindcub3r Solves The Rubik’s Cube!

It’s been so long since I tried my robot, so I decided to make it work again. I realized how slow my robot was compared to this time because of the batteries that I used. For this time, I used Duracell’s 1.5v AA batteries. Last time, I used 1.2v rechargeable batteries (Panasonic Eneloop) because I thought they would be more convenient if I didn’t lose them. But using these Duracell batteries (any 1.5v batteries would probably work too) really sped up the process of the solving of the Rubik’s cube (by 30 seconds!). Hope this helped, and I will definitely keep the old video as reference because I (was too lazy) didn’t put any information in the video. 🙂

Here’s the link to the old video-

Robot design and program by David Gilday (IAssemble)
Robot made by me


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