Make Your Own Smartwatch From An Old Cell Phone (Part 2)

Please watch: “DIY Fidget LED Display – Part 1”


I’m taking an old cell phone and turning it into a smartwatch! In part 1 (link below), I extracted the LCD and got it working with an Arduino. In this video, I give it smartwatch functionality. It now uses bluetooth to get date/time and notifications!
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  1. This project is nice but is good to buy nothing and lower the cost bro what chemicals that can turn old pcb to bind so it can turn round? and it is good to put cover made by jelly case materials I hope someone tech me to do this dream.

  2. I copy your app but transalete it to espanish(but the blocks of code are in english), and Connecticut to arduino, but when i call or send a text, the arduino doesnt reconised it, What can be the problem????

  3. i tried making this watch but there is no response in the watch its not notifying me any call or text messages
    all is see is Tinkernut logo after few second a blank screen or sometime some notification icon i am using hc-05 in slave mode with nokia 5110 display in arduino mega and there is no response in serial monitor too 🙁

  4. I'll have to examine the code that does the bitmap conversion. I'm sure I can write a more compressed variant that isn't code heavy or memory intensive. (Hint: BitMasking)

  5. Can i use an old cell phone with an .jar app to connect via bluetooth with the smartphone to create an smartwatch?Is there any tool like App inventor to create old .jar apps?

  6. great videos and well presented. particularly this one. what wd it take to light up a LCD scavenged out of a TV with a non-moving / static image using an arduino or low cost "driver" (not sure if that's the word).

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