Coding Masters teaching little learners the Magic of Code – Finnish Education

Massive Open Online Course on Finnish Education 2.0:
Digital Teacher Training on Innovative Pedagogy and EdTech in Finland.

Computational thinking is part of the new national curriculum in Finland. Currently year 5 pupils are learning many important skills such as presentation, collaboration, team work and problem solving skills, while they are teaching coding to other classes. They started coding and teaching when they were on year 3 and have taught since around 200 other pupils and their teachers the secrets of coding. Nearby schools have done a trip to visit the young teachers and enjoyed collaborating and learning coding from their peers. International visitors have followed the innovative coding lesson and the young teachers have taught coding even for the local entrepreneurs. Learners as teachers have also reached the local news several times. With practice and varied experience, they have become very confident with their presenting, teaching and coding skills. The Coding Ambassadors have moved on to hands on technology, Robotics and they are doing a great job at it. Their team won Robotics competition In Finland 2017!

Finland is constantly striving towards innovating and improving its educational system and is home to some of the world’s most forward-looking innovations in education – school autonomy instead of school rankings, inquiry-based learning instead of memorization, real world context topics and integration of subjects. The world keeps spinning and changing. If we don’t change, we don’t only get stuck in one place, but fall behind. Therefore we need to think and rethink everything connected to school and understand that competencies needed in society and in working life are continuously changing. Schools should not only react to change, but be proactive and even catalysts for change.


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