Apple introduces the Teachers Program (Become Apple Certified )


Teach in ways you’ve always imagined.

As a teacher, you inspire the next generation of leaders. You make complex ideas easy to understand. And you’re always looking for new ways to engage your students. So, with the Apple Teachers Program, there are series of tips, stories, and other helpful materials on this page to keep you inspired. And the program will help you get the most from Apple products, and celebrate the work you do every day.

Become an Apple Teacher.

The Apple Teacher program was designed to help you build skills and stay inspired. You’ll discover new ways to enhance creativity and productivity by unlocking the magic of iPad, Mac, and built-in apps. You’ll get news and fresh ideas, featuring real stories, product tips, and great educational apps. And after completing online quizzes, you’ll receive an official Apple Teacher logo that you can share with the world and most importantly add to your CV

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