Young Dolph Gives $20K To Baristas Fired For Playing His Music

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  1. I'll start to give a damn about mothers day; ONLY when the same adulation and respect is shown on fathers day. Keep that same energy or GTFO.

  2. Charlamagne tries to give a punch line or comment behind every news line as though his statements are mandatory and life changing. Reality check: Lenard McKelvey (the lame)… Not every report needs a rebuttal; it just needs to be respected and left alone!

  3. these mother fuckers just proved what I jave been saying for awhile. "it wasn't a white person that got fired right"? y'all Slimey racist mother fuckers need to get fired. just when I think I can try to watch something on there channel I litteraly about puke in my mouth cause of the bullshit that comes out of all there fucking mouths.

  4. People like Charlamagne really fuel racism. He's so focused on race it's almost a mental illness. Go seek therapy, your views are really fucked up.

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