Who Invented the Hot Air Balloon?

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Even in this day and age of airplanes, space shuttles and drones, hot air balloons still capture the imagination. Majestic, large, and often colorful, there’s something truly incredible about watching a hot-air balloon in flight. And it was with hot air balloons that man first ventured into the heavens. Despite this, while most can name the inventors of the first airplane to achieve sustained flight, few, outside of those who read the beginning of this article, have any idea who invented the first hot air balloon capable of carrying a human. In order to rectify that information gap and more, here’s the high-flying history of hot-air balloons.

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The North’s Air Force During the American Civil War




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  1. Please do a video on John Gillespie Magee Jr and his poem “High Flight” (which you referenced at the beginning of the video, and which President Reagan paraphrased in his eulogy to the crew of the Challenger Space Shuttle).

  2. Alright Simon, rewatch your first 15 seconds with the mindset of someone who remembers Kenny Everett. I think you channeled his vibe nicely. And yet … (shifting knee cross) … $0.02.

  3. i dont know who invented it, but in our time there are lots of super wealthy jack offs that like to try to fly them around the world as if they are columbus or some shit

  4. I have possibly a stupid question. In films, many vessels have a self-destruct system. Is there any history to this being done in real vehicles or military bases? I know that unmanned satellites often have something to destroy them when they become obsolete.

  5. The ladies on the "Stuff you missed in history class" podcast also did a great show on this subject a while back if anyone is interested to hear an alternative take on the Montgolfier brothers exploits. Cheers Simon and the team <3

  6. I've taken two hot air balloon rides in my life (Napa Valley, Steamboat Springs) and they were the most gentle and quiet forms of flight I've experienced.

  7. WAITAMINUTE! Shame on you, Simon! Louis XIV (Louis Quatorze) was the sun king, Louis XVI was the one that lost his head, with the brioche-eating wife, who lost her head as well. At least it was a good time for public executioners.

    Also, Louis XIV was the sun king, because he is the central figure in the world, like everything REVOLVES around the sun. Yes, that motion is called REVOLUTION, and coincidentally revolution is what killed his grandson, Louis XVI.

  8. Simon, can you do an episode on why the UK (and their former colonies) drive on the wrong side of the road? Everyone else drives on the right side, and I'm curious why this is. I've heard it has to do with horses and jousting, but no other European countries drive on the left, so I don't see how that can be the answer.

  9. Speaking of airships I've heard rumors there are luxury airships that are light floating yats, those mini luxury cruise ships. One 3D model made it look like they could even hold a top side swimming pool.
    The Yu Gi Oh anime even featured an airship like that for players to duel on top of out in open cloudy weather.

  10. In Avatar the Last Airbender, the hot air balloon had its invention stalled behind first inventing super gymnastic tanks that could grapple hook up icy mountains and reorient their cabins when tipped over. Plus, a giant super wall drill was invented before said balloon as well.
    It took Saka to talk just a little sense into some crazy tank inventor to complete the hot air balloon blue print.
    But as soon as the fire nation got it they made giant armored zeppelins from which to bomb the heroes.

  11. I have known about the Brothers M. for years…..but never knew how to pronounce their name, untill now. The Confederacy did eventually have a balloon of it's own. Not having money to spare for it, the women donated their silk under clothes and sewed them into shape. The balloon was said to resemble a patchwork quilt.

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