When Your Girlfriend Wants Marriage & Kids

What does a man do when his girlfriend wants to get married, and have kids, but you aren’t keen on the idea. Todays request comes from a viewer in California, that’s starting to feel pressure from his girlfriend to have kids.

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  2. My first gf wanted kids and marriage, she had OCD and baby rabies bad and wanted to elope. I didn’t. She went loopy, we broke up and she had 2 children with the next guy she met. Called them both weird condiment names. My Second gf was equally Phsyco, nagging and criticising. We broke up and she had a child to the next guy she met. Both times it was my gut instinct that told me NO! Always listen to what YOU want, not what they want. My life would be utter misery if I let either of them make the choice. My bro got stung, he has a lovely daughter now, but also child support and an ex fiancé that went on to have 3 children with two more men, the last of which is the highest earner of them all. He also works “away” which might be the perfect criteria for her to smoke alpha cock while he’s out of the house. I feel sorry for any man she comes into contact with.

  3. Dude, vasectomy. Now. I really must go and nag my Dr into letting me get one. If you don't want marriage, if you don't want kids tell her now. I told my best girl when we met, you're never moving in, we're never getting married and I don't ever want kids. Thirteen years later we're still together under those terms. Don't let her trick you into giving her a belly-full of arms and legs. Having a child nowadays is not a prudent investment for men and should be avoided at all costs.

  4. If she's a solid woman(ie: works, pulls her share, isn't threatened by masculinity, opposes state-sponsored torture of men in the form of divorce) you owe it to her to tell her your actual concerns before exiting the relationship. If she's a solid woman, a Meg Parsont type, she may work with you to decrease your risks and possibly marry in a less hostile state. I wouldn't leave her without giving her a chance though.

  5. First video I have seen of yours, but it feels more like an infomercial very minute your trying to sell something else. And well, I don't take any salesperson seriously. . Saling is cool in start or end but not throughout.

  6. Spot on. "someday when I have kids of my own". HUGE emphasis on "I" and "my own". Also, LA is a shithole and I can say with certainty that 90% of women out there have been irreparably ruined by the culture out there.

  7. You are entering a battle.
    There is a 70% chance that you will loose. There is a 30% chance that it will boil down to a stalemate. 0% of victory for a man.

    Its absolutely mind boggling that men are still entering the battle field with those odds

  8. I told my current partner within about a month that I wasn’t bothered about marriage and I have 0 interest in having children. He took some time to think about it and is now fine with it. I believe big things like this should be discussed sooner rather than later.

  9. Went through a similar ordeal. Basically you and she want different things out of life. Keep it simple for yourself and break it off calmly with her without dragging things out. Her time is limited and she’ll appreciate you for it.

  10. Then: I had 2 Son's and took a 65%+ financial hit from their mother when we split… Now: My Boy's are now 23 and 28, the ROI having these two in business with me has made the the initial 65%+ hit insignificant… Then there is the quality of life side that my Sons add to the equation which exceeds anything that money could buy… I'm sad for those guys that that don't have kids and miss out on the rewards that offspring brings to the table…

  11. Just so everyone knows—silver ishares (SLV) is down 14.05/ share today and a great time to buy in.

    Now in-between that I will comment on this gent. He said he never wanted kids?

    Cool–get a vasectomy–three day recovery. Just do it—don't ask her or anyone and don't tell her until it's over.

    She brings up kids say you have a vasectomy. "Why didn't you tell me?" Nothing to tell lass—reply with "does 'it's m body' sound familiar?" And you won't get married as "that isn't me."

    Ball in her court now mate—she can shoot or sit down on the bench and stress is off you.


  12. Any man stupid enough to get in bed with the state, with all of the
    information available on the internet about marriage, divorce and family
    court, deserves what he gets. Fifteen years ago? OK. You barely made
    the cut. Today? No excuse. You sign a contract today you are just a ready made sucker. Have some "pastor" say some words if you must, but don't sign anything. Check with an attorney regarding common law etc for your state.

  13. lol get rid of her and forget anything ever happened, clearly she has different plans than the guy, the guy is just a means to an end. shes gona have her kids and hes gona get put on the backburner. you find out after the kids arrive it's not about you anymore, it was never about you.

  14. Not sure there is much to ask here. I mean she wants kids and marriage and he doesn’t. This is never going to work and it’s better to get out now. The last thing you wanna do is drag it out 3 more years then drop it on her that you won’t have kids after she is at or almost past her baby window. She is gonna blame you for wasting her time and years and the last thing you want is her to go nuts. Break it off sooner rather than later, for your own safety.

  15. Rich, Iong time subscriber and patron, love you and the guys, but I really don't understand the many of you that don't want kids, or don't want more kids. I understand that we usually get a bad deal, but the kids are worth it, I have kids, and I'd have more if my situation was right. I personally would hate to get to old age with no kids, but maybe that's me. If you find a girl worth reproducing with, for example, she has good temperment, morals, intelligence, work ethic, I'd recommend popping out a few kids while you can.

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