When will the next ice age happen? – Lorraine Lisiecki

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Throughout Earth’s history, climate has varied greatly. For hundreds of millions of years, the planet had no polar ice caps. Without this ice, the sea level was 70 meters higher. At the other extreme, about 700 million years ago, Earth became almost entirely covered in ice, during an event known as “Snowball Earth.” What causes these swings in the planet’s climate? Lorraine Lisiecki investigates.

Lesson by Lorraine Lisiecki, animation by CUB Animation.

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  1. So if we stop burning fossil fuels sea levels wont rise but the ice age will return. How you want to grow food on an icey planet?? You cant controll Natur… So pls dont even try it.
    If we talk about pollution. Im with you. Stop conterminate fresh air and water… But dont tell people to stop change clima…. It is as you said, its changing itself.

  2. I thoroughly belive in climate change, but i do not think that it will result in an ice age. This has bigger astronomical proportions, as earth does not follow the complete identical route around the sun every year. When dinosaurs walk the earth and there was greater levels of co2 in the air, an ice age did not kill them.

  3. This is fake news. 99% of scientists agree that humans cause all of this. Bill Nye and Al Gore made exact predictions that we are living in the last days on earth bc of humans effect on the environment. This was probably paid for by Fox News. Humans are the reason for the increase in CO2.

  4. When I was in college many many years ago my professors were very worried about another ice age occurring. I doubt there is little we can do about the globes climate, better to prepare for the inevitable

  5. Before it was global cooling, then global warming. Now it's climate change. Though there may be hints of a relationship between CO2 and temperature. That relationship caps out so that increading CO2 levels have no effect on temperature. It's not a coincidence that when people talk about climate change, they never dig into the details of the data. From the details you can easily make two cases — one for climate change and one against climate change. This means the interpretation of climate change is very subjective.

  6. That is total nonsense that increasing CO2 will warm the planet.
    It is now well known (by real scientists)that CO2 is a symptom of the planet warming and not the actual cause of it.

  7. If global warming can delay Ice age, why would anyone want to stop it? Yes, sea level will rise but when Ice come, almost nothing survive.

  8. I hate Ted videos they are always confusing and unclear. You didn't even answer the question of your title, just baited and switched me to the global warming nonsense

  9. No one is ever too young to save the planet that probably every human being will live on their whole life. We can do this little by little! ❄️🌱🔥🌈

  10. Let’s not forget when there were so many huge plants (including the massive ‘scale trees’) that too much carbon dioxide was being sucked up, leading to the reverse of global warming and causing an ice age.
    Those same plants also increased the oxygen level so much that Arthropods increased significantly in size, leading to three metre centipedes and eagle-sized dragonflies. What a time the Carboniferous period was!

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