What’s up with the iPhone SE 2?

When it comes to Apple’s highly anticipated sequel to the iPhone SE, presumably named the iPhone SE 2, reports on what this budget iPhone might look like and when it might be released are conflicting. In this video, we take a deeper dive into the iPhone SE 2 rumors.

Read more – https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iphone-se/



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  1. Every tech YouTuber keeps forgetting that shortly after the X came out multiple sources said Apple is working on shrinking the notch. Meaning they’ll shrink the tech of Touch ID. So if ppl are saying the notch is too small for today’s Touch ID, doesn’t that mean Apple might have accomplished making it smaller?

    And all I want in the new SE is the small body, X like screen, and water resistance. If it has all of that I’ll be happy and will surely buy it

  2. Interesting. Didn’t they originally move to the metal design from the iPhone 4 to elevate the vulnerabilities of the glass smashing? Maybe it’s more smash resistant now.

  3. So, all we know right now is that "an iPhone, between 4 and 4,7 inches with or without a notch/glass back/touch id/headphone jack, will likely be released sometime between tomorrow and Q4". I'm starting to believe that Apple is "leaking" all of these confusing rumors.

  4. Keep hoping for an X design, I am 🙂 but I think they may just shrink and simplify the Face ID system. Apple has said its future is Face ID, every device this year is rumoured to have it. I can’t see a new SE missing out.

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