What Does 'High-Quality' Preschool Look Like? | NPR Ed

You might be surprised to learn that, of all 50 states, the one that spends the most money on public preschool is Oklahoma. And researchers at Georgetown University have concluded that Oklahoma’s investment easily pays for itself over students’ lifetimes. Here’s a look inside Nikki Jones’ preschool classroom in Tulsa.




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  1. My understanding:
    Reggio – created after a war in Italy (reggio is the name of city) when an educator and some mothers gathered together to educate the kids using whatever is left available at the surrounding. – how many leaves are there; how many tins can you find? What can we do with them…; let me write on the sand (no paper and pen now)

    Montessori- initially meant for children with special needs. basic life skills are trained so that the kids can function and help themselves (putting in buttons, stacking insequence, counting in systematic way etc) and later become generalised in many schools that cater to normal typical needs kids.

    Education should be improving and related to the social context. Don't be fixated on the traditions without knowing the real purpose of why the thing is done in certain way.. Just like why the ancestors chop up the fish instead of frying the whole fish and the next generation followed the action blindly= in the past, the wok is small thus there's a need to chop it. Now, we can control the fire and has bigger wok available. We don't have to do things in certain manner.

  2. Begging for Education
    Please let me know what school district is this? This does not look like a typical public elementary classroom It looks more like, private preschool or a grant funded early childhood education program. So many districts do not allow teachers to have this kind of autonomy. We should see this same model K-3. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

  3. This would be great if kindergarten through 12th grade were like this, but it's not. I'm speaking as a preschool teacher who teaches in the Montessori style: I know full well that these kids are gonna be broken down by the time they are 8. So my goal, at this point, is to raise children who will stay strong and resilient DESPITE our AWFUL system.

  4. No issue with respecting other peoples stories. But may have problem with how they are used sometimes. Especially when criminality or injustice is the agenda. So that such stories that have their own moral Universe, that is nothing more than a tool to justify prevailing conditions

    And when that is manning a dead end Hell pit, then the only thing that matters is, who gets better standing in Hell. A tussle that is harnessed to keep these Hells propped up. Each dreamer with an account at the Power brokers office, with their particular dream they are trying to inflate, except they first have to burst everyone else.

    Bringing hells of many types into being, due to such conditions and responses. Where the World has come to be so self serving and twisted, that even drug dealers can call themselves patriots. Then surely a social critic and commentator like myself, can do the same!

  5. By some accounts, acts of previous generations, solidified into numbers and then physical conditions, braid into reigns that steer and govern the next generation into the subsequent series of acts, that the calcifies into more hard numbers and more hard facts.

    "Silence of the Lambs" was released when i was 13 years old, and that butterfly with skull markings, resting over the lips of Jodie Foster, is a symbol that still resonates now as it did then.

    So when will be ready to admit some harsh truths, such as how some of us have been scammed out of a future. By way of such dirty dealings as counting hollow cocoons, when caterpillars have long since metamorphosized and have turned into drab moths or else colorful butterflies, long ago exchanged for cash money, sold the those who can afford it.

    While those that remain, make a living farming those hollow cocoons and empty shells. Where humans just go through the motions. Propping up queen bees and waiting patiently for their allotted portions of honey?

    What can you learn in a school located in a Universe, where knowledge is the enemy? Based on Einstein's theory of relativity, where amount of nervous system activity converted into applicable knowledge, has relation to available space/time and opportunity left.

    Hence act dumb to buy more time, while selling gambling odds, to among other things escape our destinies foretold by monotheistic religions, and elsewhere?

  6. I definitely think that when I have a child, I’d like to take them to this school. The teacher is actively trying to make connections to each student and is assessing them along the way to help them learn more and adjust to their learning style. It’s so amazing seeing this compared to when we were kids and how we were taught in school.

  7. Ahhh I remember being in preschool. I went to a tiny school in my town and every kid was the same age (there was 10 of us) so here we are 10 preschooler that had the whole school to themselves

  8. Is she letting them use a real hammer? I'm ok with safety goggles, but I'm more concerned about them hitting their fingers or dropping it on their toes. Or another child getting hit with it because they don't realize it could hurt someone. A teacher in a room with several students will look away from the student with the hammer for at least a few seconds when watching another child. And it only takes a few seconds for another child to get hurt.

    I like the other values, I like the cloud lesson. However, she used shaving cream. I think using whipped cream would be safer. The students aren't supposed to eat it, but if they get carried away, at least it will be safe.

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