We left our van in Greece and rented a land rover in the hopes of sleeping in the back for a few nights while traveling through Scotland, but this might not have been the best of plans…

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  1. What an adventure, sounds like an amazing time, definitely had Fitbit envy with all the places to hike!!!! Loved this video, definitely putting this on the list of places to explore. Thank you for each and every video, always puts a smile on my face. Congratulations on passing 200,000 subscribers!

  2. Just a little comment after seeing your struggle with the Range Rover. I have a 2004 Ford Freestar Minivan and a futon mattress fits perfectly in the back! if you take the seats out it would definitely work for you guys, more than just a day too 🙂 So for future reference go with the soccer mom vans!

  3. LOOOOVE IT!!! haha! SO good to be following you guys! Miss you! And by the way, I used to always eat my peppers like an apple and I got laughed at so much for doing that at university…

  4. I'm so excited for your Scotland video! But it is hard for me to watch. I am still paying off my failed attempt at going to library school in Glasgow ten years ago. I started graduate school and realized that I couldn't really afford to be there and it also just wasn't the right time. For what I've been paying the last ten years, I could have had one amazing vacation. Oh well, there will be other opportunities!

  5. Ah well done on the video mates! We're just about to ship our van over to Scotland so no need for the Bothys this go around but what an adventure that would be!! Also, you've added the Harry Potter train to our bucket list ❤️

  6. You guys should Come to Karadeniz, Turkey. Google it please. The reagon is Just for you two. You can hike above the clothes. And our People are the most welcoming all over the world. ❤️

  7. Great video!! I would say however to be careful how you advertise places like bothies. They are sacred places to us in Scotland, whose knowledge has to be earned. There is good reason you cannot drive to them. I hope you enjoyed your time here ! X

  8. I smiled like a Cheshire Cat all the way through the video, I am sure your videos make many others smile too. You are both so connected with Mother Earth, it is a Joy to see. Thank you .

  9. Hi! Another person who likes eating cold baked beans!!! I adore them. What a brilliant video you two, really enjoyed it. Particularly the sheep who came calling 😂. Hope you’re both well. Stay safe. Love and blessings Mo, UK XXX

  10. I just need to tell you guys, how much I enjoy your adventures. You both seem such charismatic people. Godspeed on your travels, thanks for sharing!! 😘😊🏕🏔🛶

  11. (Assuming you are both north american) How are you able to travel europe for extended amount of time? Do you have a work visa/travel? You are both inspiring! I love this lifestyle and mindset. I have a goal to travel and roam as well. Getting started is the hardest part.

  12. I love the area North of Loch Lomond and it was really nice to see some familiar territory. There's a law in Scotland that actually means you have passage along any road, or on any land no matter if privately owned. Landowners still tend to put a private property sign up to scare off those who might not know about this though.

  13. I've hiked to that first bothy from the first carpark you guys were at, and I promise it is possible! Scotland can be confusing sometimes as right of way paths can often take you right through a farm or places you feel like you're not allowed to go. Hope you enjoyed your trip anyway!

  14. Amazing video again. I love the way you both seem so thankful for everything you have and are so positive even if things are a bit difficult. I think it was a good idea to sleep in the hotel instead of the car though! Don't feel like you have to do something because you were planning to do it that way. It sometimes takes a stronger person to change up the plan than to stick with it. This means you can be flexible and take care of yourself! Also I'm recovering from chronic back pains myself so I totally understand a good bed is important. I think it's so inspiring that Lou is already hiking, climbing and running! Thank you both for being so transparent about your lives, it's so nice to get a realistic picture of van life, not everything is perfect. Also very useful to see what van life or hiking in Scotland would be like, I would love to go there someday! Please keep being you and don't let anyone tell you that you should do things differently!

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