VOA Interview: Mahathir says Malaysia Suffering from Financial ‘Destruction’

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, back in power after a 15-year hiatus, says his first 20 years in office were “fairly easy” compared to what is confronting him now — massive debt in a country with an international reputation for corruption.

Mahathir returned to power on May 9 in a spectacular election upset that saw him unite with his former opposition foes to overthrow a prime minister — Najib Razak — who is accused of helping to steal billions from his country in one of the biggest corporate frauds in history. Najib denies all the charges.

“Well my first 20 years as prime minister was fairly easy. I inherited a system that is already there. All I had to do is to introduce new ideas so that we can expedite the growth and development of Malaysia,” the 92-year-old Mahathir told VOA in an exclusive interview.

“But here I am dealing with a country that has been actually destroyed. Its finances have been destroyed. The system of government has been ignored and not used and a new system, or rather an authoritarian system has been introduced,” he said.




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  1. Malaysia should really take an aggressive action in creating more opportunities for its citizens, regardless of race and religion. However, the laws and policies inherited from the British empire are very divisive in nature in a way that it created gaps between the races, be it socially, politically, and economically. Why do have schools based on your race? In my opinion, a good school should consist of all races and religions, so that we malaysians may learn and adapt from and to each other at an early age

  2. I like this man, even at the age of 92 he is working hard to lead his counrty on right path. it gives encouragement to a person who thinks 60+ age is too old to work hard.

  3. Once a upon a times a Chinese Muslims came from China to become the first king of Malaysia. By fighting the Indonesia intruder he request help from the China empire. So they sent more Chinese into Malaya. to protect the country. Now the Chinese become the second class citizen. If the first king knew this he would not allow because he is Chinese. Secondly he loves Muslims. And please explain to me why the Chinese is 2nd class citizen in Malaysia. Why Allah sent a Chinese Muslims to be the first king of Malaya. The reason is Allah is not racist.

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  5. At 93 years old…he is literally risking life and limb to steer the country back on course. He could very well have chosen to retire and to call it a day. He is the ultimate statesman…we are lucky to have him. Lets make the best of what our country has to offer.

  6. Malaysia has highest number of civil servant in the world with one civil servant in every 19.37 people all najibs and badawi's fault, i assume, but this was snowballing from the 80s – indicating that the civil service is large relative to the country’s population.

    Commenting on the matter, Second Finance Minister Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani said the bloated civil service of 1.6 million has caused government expenditure to increase each year, leading to the gradual drop in revenue.

    “When I first entered the cabinet, the country was facing a variety of dilemmas — floating oil prices led to reduced government revenue, ringgit devaluation, high living costs and political controversies — which have made my work more challenging.

    “One of the issues that we have to address is the ever-increasing government operating costs and expenses. For example, we have about 1.6 million civil servants, which is the world’s largest proportion of civil service,” Johari told The Oriental Daily.

    Explaining further, the minister said the ratio is one civil servant to 19.37 people based on the country’s current population of 31 million people,

    Johari, however, stressed that the government had no plan to reduce the number of civil servants despite the soaring of remuneration and pensions to the civil servants.

    In comparison, the proportion of civil servants to the national population in other countries such as Singapore is 1 to 71.4 people; Indonesia 1:110; Korea 1:50, China 1:108, Japan 1:28, Russia 1:84 and United Kingdom 1:118, according to a recent survey.

  7. When he was in power before 2003…used to read most English and Malay newspapers at railway station especially on his statements and comments …….Those were interesting time in politics…Now its nostalgic again and able to rediscover the moment again.

  8. Government servants are paid higher than most private companies . Not right , bcos all those money spent comes from the private companies which are taxed . Private Co is being oppressed if this continues

  9. People must understand that Mahathir wants more Malays to be economically successful and rich. He's been pushing that agenda during his previous administration hard and has been rather successful. This invited envy which he did not care so much. And now that the Malays are relatively successful econimically and can stand confidently on their feet he can go easy and start focusing on government institusional system reforms.
    A very clever man and a shrewed politician. He knows what he wants and gets it. The Mahathir Way.

  10. Ada beberapa sebab kenapa wawasan 2020 gagal di capai
    1:Kerajaan BN di bawah Tun Maharhir di thn 90 an
    dgn membina banyak projek mega .
    2:Berkurangnya rezab luarnegeri kerana sikap boros kerajaan di thn 90an
    3:Kemelesetan ekonomi di thn 1997 ,Mahathir tidak patut menyalahkan Tun Abdullah atau Najib Razak kerana gagal mencapai wawasan 2020
    itu ,ianya bermula dari thn 90an dibawah Tun Mahathir yg berbelanja boros.

  11. get rid of the "race privilege". your university has no diversity. stupid business rule requiring certain race to get "Berhad" or to list on Bursa.
    matter of fact, alot of your talents left the country. Deal with this now or your GDP wont grow

  12. Manage the media well please, Dr.M.

    Malaysia is very wealthy with cocoa, shell fish, vegetable oils, oil, gas, timber, huge semi conductors fab, big proportion of test, pack & burn in. There is also a large disc drives, steel fabrications, nearly 1.2 million equivalent car parts and car assembly.

    Malaysia is also a large furniture industry, electrical appliance, the world first synthetic fuel plant in the 1990's, as well as a equipment port in the 30 to 40 million TEU in 2 location. Our international airport handles 60 million flights……..

    …..but the Najib Barisan administration is prone to misadministration.

    It started with Dr. M who now agreed to dismantle the abuses. Dr.M apologized to the Malaysian people and now become the consultant to the Pakatan new government on resolving the issue.

    (Government debt = credit creation. Only issue is how sustainable are these credit is generated)

    Let's work on the rectification now.

  13. During Your time in BN/UMNO people are Contented due job market, Education local and oversea, and a lot business was created. A lot free trade zone for foreign investment by using local worker .But now Business are moving away considering China Vietnam Myanmar due it is cheaper to operate there. I hope that former glory or success story are created again by the new gov. I also hope business here are more fair not due political support to certain parties will award tenders(freedom of business without political influences) . By hiring foreign worker our money will go out so minimize on the intake of foreign worker. I hope there will better future for then next generation. Me myself can't forgive the old premier for putting all of us Malaysian to pay for his greed.'"" Make us Proud to be Malaysian Again

  14. semoga rakyat pendapatan rendah ( miskin ) dibela kos sara hidup mereka yg amat tinggi berikan perhatian penuh golongan tersebut jangan memberi tekanan kepada mereka …

  15. While it's nice for all this rhetoric, but Malaysia it seems is turning more n more Islamist extremism due to 'Arabisation' n that would be the downfall of Malaysia, and don't forget this Mahathir while much better than that ex-pm Najib, he was the crook that started all these Malay supremacism bs, cronyism, nepotism, autocratic despotism n power abuse, etc norm.
    History has shown no Muzzie led nation has been truly successful.

  16. You know he's a genius when he can answer every question convincingly, that he managed to make it sounds like he's not an authoritarian even though we all knew he used to one. Yet he still the best PM we had ever have. He knew what we need, and back then what we need most is stability and economic opportunity, and he provided that in the period that. He's the person you would like to captain the team, to sailor the ship.

  17. Pakatan Harapan(PH) led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad won the 14th General Election defeating the ruling Barisan Nasional(BN). BN has never lost the elections before. At 9:30 PM 10th May 2018, Tun Dr Mahathir was sworn in as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Generally Malaysians of all walks of life waited for this moment.

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