VLOG | Bullet proof coffee, a night out, mom’s in crop tops, and a chipped front tooth!

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•Thrive Market Haul
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•My bullet proof coffee recipe –
10 oz coffee
1T ghee
2T MCT oil
1 scoop bone broth collagen

•Clear mug – Starbucks
•Off the shoulder sweatshirt – http://bit.ly/2IJaMWc
•Bralette – http://bit.ly/2EBvEMv
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It’s just makeup.

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  1. Wear the dang crop top! Looks great! We are too hard on women with all our made up societal rules. Moms or not we need to wear what we want, what we feel comfortable in and what makes us happy.I absolutely cannot believe the rude and inconsiderate things people say, if you don’t like the channel – move on! But to email you links etc?? That is some weird behaviour…Same thing with the clothes shaming and what have you.You look great, you seem to be very self aware and exercise good judgment. I don’t think you need to listen to such noise and I’m sad that those things were said to you.

  2. I chipped my two front top teeth about a month or two ago, one of them was almost half the tooth 😳
    Needlessly to say, of course at my emergency appointment I made at the dentist office they rescheduled me for two weeks later (because I didn’t have insurance and they were worried about me not paying I guess) had to walk around with two chipped teeth for that long lol

  3. I love the crop top on you. I usually listen to your vlogs while I’m in the shower so I was picturing the crop being right at your boobs. Lol also, I must have more to do than I thought than to worry about your tooth or gums. I never noticed them till you mentioned it. Love you 😍

  4. I absolutely love that top! U look great in it! If you don't think you will get the wear out of it then return it. U definitely pull it off well!

  5. What about wearing it with a high waisted A-line skirt??? That way it meets the top of the skirt and looks fun and flirty and not so much cropped. I do that when I wear crop tops. I dont have a perfect belly, I have mommy tummy and scars from surgery, but I feel so much more body confidence when I wear a flared vintage style skirt or skater skirt with a cute crop top. You look amazing, but if you aren't comfortable I say send it back.

  6. Dani, keep the crop top…looks great on you. But if you aren't comfortable return it. I wish my body looked like yours!!! And if someone is sending you links about your smile tell them to take a freggin hike!! Gross behavior shame on those people!

  7. Being ashamed of bs!!!!! you look awesome!!!! I have a bread basket I’m jealous your still flat girl. If your comfortable be happy!!! I’m all gums no shame🤣🤣🤣🤣. We are all unique just embrace it!

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