Trevor Noah EVISCERATES the Civility Argument | The Daily Show

Conservatives demand “civility” in an attempt to silence critics of the Trump administration, and Trevor points out that calls for civility tend to come from people in positions of privilege.

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  1. Calling for harassment of individuals instead of criticism of politics. Ridiculing the positions of the other side instead of honestly engaging with them. That is the perfect way to further radicalize those who already agree with you and to get the people in the middle ground to oppose you. Keep the good work going, Trump reelection campaign is deeply thankful for it.

  2. Trevor Noah is an incredibly privileged person. According to his own logic, his opinion on this is invalid. It's also important to point out what he "eviscerated" was a strawman.

  3. Man, Democrats like this guy? Nothing he's saying is actually of substance! Where's the argument!? That because a bunch of racists didn't want MLK in Alabama, that means it's okay to be dicks to people in public who we don't like? If I refuse to serve Trevor Noah, would I get a similar segment made defending me?

  4. Ye man, he looks ugly that bastard, Trevor, should go to the dentist, cause his face — only hate can do that. And man not big deal this Martin Luther, yeee: forget about love and respect, man, phony bastard that Luther guy, Gandhi also, being all forgiving and open for civil debate. Pause, rewind: The problem is offcourse that your rethorics have been so sharpened that actual arguments are put aside in favour of catchy phrases and edgy comments. We need to listen. Even though someone drags their politics out their rectum, we cannot — if we want to be the better side of history — be the worse, offending them in public, firing up their hatrate. I mean: Only love ables, not hatrate — Luther was never hated for nothing. And god, Trevor, Satire should be about spotting what otherwise is forgotten, not going along with the phony hypotalamus train on the premises of the powerful.

  5. Cross out “Sarah Huckabee Sanders” and replace it with “LGBTQ+ people,” and you get a completely different response from those Fox News anchors. They’re hypocrites.

  6. Whining race baiter that offers no counter argument. Straw manning & using red hearings. It's as if there is a group of people discussing on where to get dinner. Side 1 is saying "Lets get Chinese food" and Side 2 is like "Lets get some Pizza". Trevor comes in and is like "Lets go get something to eat, we don't want to starve like the holocaust victims." No shit sherlock nobody is arguing against that. He fails to look at the specifics and goes off topic.

  7. The difference between the left and the right, right now:
    Someone from the right does something bad = the right condemns it immediately
    Someone from the left does something bad = the left condones it and encourages others to do the same

  8. Actually, Trevor Noah FAILS TERRIBLE at countering the Civility Argument.
    You don't have to be civil because of what Trump said?
    Trump saying, in private, that women let him touch them, is not 'uncivil', and the fact that the left thinks that this justifies them harassing, discriminating and assaulting people, just shows how morally corrupt the left has become. Absolutely insane.

  9. "'EVISCERATES"? These are lousy and lazy arguments. For example, Trevor is basically saying that back in the day people thought that what MLK and his followers doing was uncivil, so the claims of incivility today are BS. If we break down the logic we get: MLK was considered uncivil & MLK was good -> having your protest regarded to be uncivil is meaningless. The problem with using anecdotes like this is that you can always replace them with others, the "Brown Shirts" were probably regarded as uncivil in their political activity (and justfully so), so if we try to implement Trevor's logic with them instead of MLK, what does that mean for today's "uncivil" protestors?

  10. Well you didn't address the original argument . Would have more respect for you if you argued what peaple were arguing about and not making up your own arguments and topics .

  11. The cherrypicking of this argument is so typical of left-wing mediaheads. I hope they realize that they are COUNTLESS examples of the opposite of this whether it be: shutting down campus speakers, getting triggered over ideas they don't like, calling everyone racist, silencing those they disagree with, Silicon valley's obvious far-left intersectionality agenda, etc..

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