This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I’ve Ever Heard!

Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses the potential connection between vaccines and autism. It’s a hotly-debated topic. Here she gets specific into what ingredient in the vaccine may be linked to autism and other conditions. Find out what her research has found. You may think differently after watching this!

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  1. Medical technology has improved in the last 100 years, so
    have our living conditions. Yet, we have never been sicker. This is the first
    generation who will not outlive their parents. We owe so much of this to
    vaccines…which are not proven safe or effective. Despite the overwhelming
    evidence, people still have questions. Measles? Chicken pox? No adequate safety
    studies? It all began with smallpox – an infectious disease that thrives in the
    crowded, unhygienic conditions of poverty. Edward Jenner noticed that milkmaids
    who contracted cowpox didn't get smallpox. So he slit the arm of a little boy
    and smeared it with pus from an infected maid. This was called inoculation. The
    boy was then vaccinated with smallpox pus 20 times. He was sick his entire life
    and developed tuberculosis – a common adverse reaction to the vaccine. Jenner's
    son was also vaccinated, developed tuberculosis, and died at the age of 21. So
    what eradicated smallpox? Smallpox was eradicated by the quarantine program and
    improved hygiene and living conditions. The last known case of smallpox was
    caused by the vaccine. Vaccines are like Russian Roulette. LIVE and inactivated
    viruses, bacteria, aborted baby, monkey, cow and insect ingredients,
    neurotoxins, hazardous wastes, and carcinogens are injected directly into the
    body of your child, subjecting them to a host of illnesses including the one
    that the vaccine is supposed to prevent. Your body may or may not develop
    artificial immunity But if it does…it's only temporary and it comes at a
    price. Since their implementation, vaccines have not eradicated a single
    disease. Not even polio. If vaccines make me immune, why do I "have"
    to get a flu shot ever year? Each year scientists forget about real disease
    prevention and try to "predict" which flu strain to vaccinate
    against. They have a better chance of trying to predict which ugly sweater your
    grandma will buy you for Christmas. The flu vaccine hasn't been properly
    tested, doesn't work, and sheds – infecting other people. But you should still
    get a flu shot – because that makes complete sense. I heard vaccines cause
    autism. They can. If you look at scientific data, vaccine ingredients, package
    inserts, court documents, and acknowledge parents of vaccine-injured children. #HearThisWell The U.S has the highest vaccination rate in the
    world (double that of any other country) and the highest autism statistics.
    Autism has increased 11000% since the 1970s and the vaccine schedule has nearly
    tripled. Coincidence? Yet, some people negate the link between vaccines and
    autism by discrediting one study…but, this paper did not say vaccines cause
    autism, it suggested a link between gastrointestinal disease and autism with
    the onset post-MMR vaccine. However, a smear campaign ensued and after
    considerable pressure, it was retracted. People who rely on mainstream media
    for their information will tell you that Wakefield and his colleagues fudged
    data, had undisclosed interests, and did not obtain test subjects properly.
    They are not telling you the TRUTH. Scientists claim they "aren't
    sure" what causes autism. But it will never be caused by vaccines.
    Wakefield's crucification serves as a reminder to the medical and scientific
    communities and data has been manipulated since. #CDCWhislerblower Before long,
    celebrities like Jenna McCarthy began questioning vaccines. She was blamed for
    establishing the anti-vaccine movement that had been around since the 1800s.
    Soon, it became trendy for parents to question what was being injected into the
    bodies of their children. Really though…it's just plain smart. Somebody
    shared the toxicological profiles of the ingredients in vaccines and they sound
    really scary! Um…because they are. People assume parents don't know how to
    use their brains, so a common tactic used by anti-common sense proponents is to
    downplay the ingredients and hope that ignorance does the rest. But we're too
    smart for that.

  2. What has happened in Europe with the HPV vaccine is very alarming and the answer to these concerns is they now want to start giving it to teenage boys too. Our children are being used as lab rats by big pharma. It seems enough money can buy anything even our children's health.

  3. Because B happened after A doesn’t mean A is the cause.
    Really, now in normal circumstances if you take a tablet and your skin comes out in hives, you would assume the tablet caused it. There is a likelihood you would have developed hives anyway, but you will never know whether that is true or not. What we do know is you took a tablet and you developed hives.

    These people had a vaccine and developed problems that weren’t there before. It may not mean that A is the cause but by the same illogical argument it doesn’t mean A is not the cause either.

    For me or anyone to believe that A does not cause B we need to know absolutely 100% exactly what did cause B, you cannot rule out A just because the manufacturer of the product says so.

  4. my mom has been working in medical records for a hospital for more than 15 years and she has always been against vaccines/ medications and has said similar things that this lady is saying, the industry is so fucked up that they're even making hospital employees take them and firing most who decline the vaccines. My mom is the only one in there who would rather wear the safety mask everyday than take the vaccines. There are people in 3rd world countries who have never heard of vaccines and get to live past 100 so don't buy into all the bullshit because things are not what they seem. they're just trying to wipe us all out as all out as discretely as possible. Every single one us needs to wake up and come together so we can revolt and rebuild this country the right way, it's the only way unless you like being slowly killed off, manipulated and having all our money sucked up by greedy bastards who would rather sell us out to save their own ass, our forefathers told us it's okay to do that under circumstances like this, so just remember that.

  5. Right, your government wants to kill you…you shouldn’t trust all those “doctors” with all their so-called book learnin’ and science!

    This bitch is spouting nonsense like a crack addled auctioneer!

    You idiots will eschew humanity-saving vaccines while feeding bean sprouts and whey to your under-weight toddler while standing behind daddy’s diesel-exhaust spewing monster truck and sucking on a bong while using black salve as cure for that tumour sitting on top of your shoulders! Morons!

  6. Here's my question for all of you. If vaccines really are so damn harmful, why is it that the NHS, a not for profit, government organisation which is funded through taxes (and we all know how much of a people-pleaser tax cuts are) is wasting so much goddamn money intentionally injecting basically every goddamn kid in the country with these vaccines, knowingly causing these problems, so that they get to spend more money trying to fix them in later life?

    That makes absolutely no goddamn sense whatsoever.

  7. Vaccines are KNOWN to be toxic and causing death. Not one single case of ANY disease has been proven to be prevented by vaccines. In order for you to prove that, you have to have a placebo group with EVERYTHING else being the same over a sample group of at least 100,000 subjects, half of whom have to be NON-vaccinated. It's never been done by FDA, CDC or any other government body responsible for the safety studies. No one has done the research to prove safety and EVERYONE knows there are huge risks.

    I think these satanists have to satiate their blood lust by killing human beings. Doctors who support these satanist programs must be charged criminally.

  8. 3 worldwide problems.
    1.People don't have enough healthcare.
    2. People having acces to healthcare don't use it because they think it is unsafe.
    3. Those second people are from the most intelligent species discovered yet.
    That last one concerns me the most.

  9. Two things, first) its a lie and you can literally look into it yourself and find the evidence that SCREAMS the truth… Secondly) who would rather have a dead child than an autistic child? If you can say you would, you simply should never beallowed to have children, and thats giving the assumption that its even possibly true, which is an almost nonexistent possibility, though i never exclude a possibility, regardless of the extremely unlikely nature (seemingly impossible)…

  10. All of these big pharma cats that are making selling and force injecting the population with these poisons need to be dealt with. Eventually people are going to realize that theyve been chosen to be slowly killed by these people thru vaccines. And when the rest of the population finally stops denying the facts they WILL take action against these criminals. The movement is already rolling. It just needs more to awaken from the sleep theyve put us in. Justice will prevail. GOD will prevail. These assholes will eventually pay with their lives.

  11. Combine Aluminum/Barium In the Vaccines as well as it being sprayed from planes in the sky is it no wonder the Number 1. killer today is Alzeimers & Dementia for people as well as the bees. When it's fact that Vaccines have killed 10 of millions of people in the past hundred years then is that not a reason to avoid those toxic shots?

  12. After my Mother's shot, she developed a fever of 106. It didn't kill her… but should have.
    Her life was over, at that point. She became a burden which spanned three generations, just like the Bible says. Can you now see how babies could develop high fevers in the same manor? All it took was one very long night for my mother. I'm sure many an autistic child has had similar experiences. This is the untold connection, which no one talks about. The fever their child has had, After The Shot.

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  14. They took the Mercury out, but left in the Aluminum. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine additive. Adjuvants are poisons, which stimulate the immune system into action. The body wants to find out what is poisoning it. Aluminum in vaccines is widely accepted, and unknown to the common man. Research, demonstrates that aluminum adjuvants can induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, where the immune system runs wild. This amplified adjuvant response is VARIABLE between different people. Aluminum can also produce long-term brain inflammation, and associated neurological disease.

  15. This should have a warning about this being a fully opinion piece. Andrew Wakefield was a liar who gave false numbers, was discredited and is no longer a doctor! Stephanie is a person full of theories and NO PROOF whatsoever! She is misrepresenting correlation and causation ! You need to take a logic class! There is NO mercury in MMR!

  16. If you notice these vaccine injuries Target the parts of the brain that have to do with certain functions that effect our attention span and capability to decern reality and some more functions. Everyone ever vaccinated is effected in some way or another. Just from the blockage of oxygen that is supposed to be constantly flowing when your white blood cells Target the foreign substances being pumped into your body. They close up to protect you from the poison going through your blood stream but at the same time blocks the oxygen too.

  17. Go to Walgreens the same place where you buy your beer and cigarettes to get a flu shot because they care about your health ! Ask the cashier that's standing right there in front of the cigarette rack . How in the hell is America ever going to get it's health care problem fixed ?

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