The surprising reasons animals play dead – Tierney Thys

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From lemurs to lizards, ants to amphibians, sharks to chickens, hundreds of animals “play dead” as a survival tactic. But how and why do animals do this? Tierney Thys explains how this curious behavior, known as tonic immobility or TI for short, can be used as a defense or offense.

Lesson by Tierney Thys, animation by Stretch Films Inc.

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  1. Thanatosis in lemurs? That's news to me, and I work with and write extensively about lemurs. What's your source?

    Are you talking about colugos (so-called "flying lemurs")? That's the only mention I could find. If so, colugos aren't even primates, and they're definitely not lemurs.

  2. I’ve stood still / played dead in TF2, sometimes it works. As a Medic I’ve gotten scouts to leave me alone when I just stare at them. Playing dead has a lot of uses.

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