The Mountain Between Us

OSCAR® Winner Kate Winslet and Golden Globe winner Idris Elba star in this suspense drama about two strangers who become stranded on a remote, snow-covered mountain following a plane crash. Forced to trust each other to survive the extreme elements, they begin a perilous journey through hundreds of miles of wilderness, each discovering a strength they never knew possible.



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  1. People really love being political about a movie that they did not make. I swear almost everyone in the comments are either totally PC, never seen the movie and making judgments, silly men and women whom thing it should be different and of course people like me who love the chaos.

    People do not like admitting when something is good these days. Like they think it is going to come up and bit their arse on a sunday morning..

  2. The main character was amazing. Beautiful golden hair, charismatic, charming. So loveable and perfect. So.. Good. And the supporting actors, Kate Winslet and Idris Elba were alright too. But the main character, the dog, was a good boy.

  3. The Jews of Hollywood push race mixing. Do a search for race mixing commercials on You tube. Jews have also infiltrated our governments and have opened White countries borders and push mass immigration. This is was Hitler was fighting against in Germany. Don't be brainwashed GOYIM

  4. Oh my fuckin god i fucking wana break someones jaw for the money i spent on some gay shit like this…they crash they travel they fuck they make it they end up together…wowwwwww go fuckin die this movie is garbage

  5. Another movie to bait people into race mixing. Always black men and white women 😂 ypu ever notice its never a beautiful white woman? why couldn't this be Jackie Chan as the lead? Or George Lopez? 🤔 I guess the mountain between them is a white man. Garbage.

  6. Hah! DON"T rent or buy this crap. I like Kate Winslet, or used to, but this is the most ridiculous story ever. Broken leg? Not a problem. Freezing temperatures? Not a problem either, apparently. If you know cold, you will laugh at this one. Sorry Kate – this is an embarrassment.

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