Testing Mindstorms NXT Logo turtle using mobile remote

Just a quick and dirty test of the Logo turtle prototype I’m working on for my daughter, to check line straightness and pen centring while turning. Manually controlled via Bluetooth using NXT Remote Control for Android, NOT using Logo yet.



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  1. Here you go: imgur (dot) com/a/gP2BG

    My problem is how to control the turtle. Best results have been with NXT Logo: bit (dot) ly/12HvC1t but as the battery voltage drops, the motor speed changes and you lose calibration of distances and angles. The motors actually provide feedback on how much they are turning, but NXT Logo does not take that into account. And with this other software: youtube (dot) com/watch?v=5xIK6iFTDzM I get the same wobble he does because the motors are not driven in step.

  2. Amazing, good job! I'm trying to build my own Lego Logo turtle for education IT in primary school. So, what do you think about a cooperation? Please, can you provide me some photos to build same robot?

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