Apparently unannounced promotion and a nice gift with $50 purchase from LEGO Stores in the USA. Found out about this from Facebook post from someone in Dixielug. It was still available as of today January 8, 2019

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  1. I'm surprised that this went unannounced, it seems like a big thing! I can't believe there is 100 stores in NA, here in the UK there's like 10 and there's about 30 more in all of Europe. Hopefully one day we can get to 100 so we can get a figure like this, I think that it's cool but don't fancy a 8 hour plane ride just to buy some Lego! I agree with you on the 4+ X-Wing (which used to be/still is called Juniors, I'm not too sure). It's a complete rip off and looks really bad. Not to mention the new Stormtrooper helmet which is okay and then the fact that it doesn't include Luks Skywalker's new helmet from the summer wave! That's really bad inconsistency. I also just finished watching MandR and saw that you won that Benny's Space Squad, congrats!!

  2. This is a very cool promotion. I bit naughty that you had to shell out $50 to get him. I guess it’s no different from buying the Lester Minifigure in London, except the 100 Stores figure is much much rarer….

    We too have the Duplo set. Got to love those two figures.

    I recently asked Matthew Ashton, VP of Design at Lego if they’d ever thought about reissuing Fabuland. He replied that he’d tried ☹️

    Smashing video. Thanks for the fun!

  3. I'm pretty annoyed that they didn't announce this at all. When I finally heard about it I was unable to get to my nearest Lego Store. I finally got there today and all they had were the posters. I was given one for free but no minifigs were left. I would have gladly spent the $50 to get the minifig if I had known about it. 🙁😠

  4. Whoa…that's a really cool offer! If only I had known about this, but at the same time, I don't think I would've been able to go to my local LEGO store anyway. I really liked the video, and if I had a choice between the two LEGO sets that you purchased, I would've gotten the Visitors from Planet DUPLO set. Have a great day, sir, and take care! Regards, Joseph cheeseinthepie. 1/8/2019

  5. How cute is Emmet and Lucy in Duplo form very very cute, look forward to Funbuary also glad you got the promo too super rare 2×4 red bricks even rarer now it been printed on cool.

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