SICK! Oprah Stops College Commencement Speech To Make Repulsive Political Statement

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Rory for RWN reports, Oprah Winfrey, the renowned talk show host, like many other A-list celebrities is known for her very liberal politics.

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Oprah Stops College Commencement Speech To Make Repulsive Political Statement

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  1. The internet helped show all the lies we were being told all these years and the democrats are freaking out. They get rich off of us and other countries, they lie to win elections, and commit crimes to get what they want. Now the real truth is coming out and I hope they go down for it, including oprah.

  2. Now the debt must be paid off by the 1,000's duped, brainwashed, indoctrinated, young people. It's shameful, but all the finer jobs have been sent elsewhere, and these debts will carry to their grave, thanks to Hillary Clinton. College is a joke. Ponzi scheme that will collapse into itself. God help the students paying off this debt!!!

  3. I dig the clapping seals. The work some of these people put in finding the falsehoods and the rebuking evidence in many cases. From the Health ranger acoustically and scientifically figuring out the distance the bullets were traveling from the Las Vegas shooters on his own time. Scientific facts from the Las Vegas shooting. And the countless other name less people put their hard work into their websites trying to lift the veil that these Hollywood assholes and deep state jerk off's trying to pull over our eyes every single day. How dare this fat bitch talk about lying when she's the blackest pot of shit in the kitchen.

  4. She is just bitter because OWN was failing and she had to get Tyler Perry save her ass. Where was she when the Black Panthers wete blocking non african americans from voting?

  5. Yeah that's pretty shity. But I will say she did say one thing right if you're going to debate and say something and speak up do it with facts. Everytime I debate a liberal they don't want to acknowledge facts and do not have any to back their claims or their beliefs and what we're talking about. So I would say that's at least good advice. Wrong place for a political platform and leave it to the left to push their agenda every time they're in the Limelight.

  6. I hate to tell you, Oprah, distrust in the media started long before the internet. We now have the technology to discern the truth from the crap we have been fed from people like you. You have no idea what reality is and what we real people deal with. You and your fascist, socialistic commies need to shut up and let our constitution it's job, not your version of it. Your speach sounded more like brainwashing propoganda.

  7. I must have missed something. I don't like the opportunist Oprah, but this speach sounded bipartisan to me. She said challenge the left, right, and center…….what did I miss?

  8. This satan-worshipping pig is going to get what she deserves in the end. This hypocrite is going to know what true justice is. She better get her heart right with the Lord or she is going to end up facing a very tormenting future.

  9. I'm sure the university is just as lefty looney as she is, that's who invited her right? The education system is another liberal swamp that needs detoxing like Washington. oprah is just giving them one last brainwashing before they hit the world.

  10. Can't stand that woman, never could! Hey oprah, the internet is giving the people ACTUAL news instead of your lefty propaganda brainwashing outlets like cnn and msnbc, etc. It's how Trump won, that's why you are bitching about it. Your day is over honey…

  11. l see this as a chance to expose the snow flakes for being racist and for the hatred they have for citizens who all we want is a stable and free North America. UNITED AS ONE

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