Sheck Wes – Mo Bamba


Directed by Tyler Ross, Nick Walker, & Sheck Wes
Produced by take a daytrip and 16 yr old

Twitter: @SheckWes
Instagram: @SheckWes

#SheckWes #MoBamba #MUDBOY

Twitter: @SheckWes
Instagram: @SheckWes

#SheckWes #MoBamba #Mudboy

Music video by Sheck Wes performing Mo Bamba. (C) 2018 G.O.O.D Music/Cactus Jack/ Interscope Records



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  1. [Intro]
    Daytrip took it to 10

    I got hoes
    Callin' a young nigga phone (Ring, ring)
    Where's Ali with the mothafuckin' dope? (Bitch, bitch)
    I be ballin' like a mothafuckin' pro (Like a, huh, like a, huh)
    I be ballin' like my nigga Mo (Bamba, bitch)
    Sheck Wes, I ain't a mothafuckin' joke (Haha, hahahahaha)
    Steph Wes, stay with the fuckin' pole (Pa, pa, pa-pa)
    You fuck around and get poled (You get poled, bitch)
    'Cause I got hoes (So many fuckin' hoes)
    Callin' a young nigga phone
    (Ring-ring, ring, ring-ring, ring, ring-ring)
    Where's Ali with the (Bitch with the) mothafuckin' dope? (Huh)
    I be ballin' like a mothafuckin' pro (Like a mothafuckin' pro)
    I be ballin' like my nigga Mo (Bamba, Bamba)
    Sheck Wes got so many flows (I do it all)
    Call me Drake, how a nigga contro—

    Oh! Fuck! Shit! Bitch! (Huh)
    Yeah, it's Sheck Wes and I'm gettin' really rich (Ching-ching)
    See how I caught it 'cause I'm really with the shits (Ping-ping)
    See me in the streets and I be really with a (Cling, cling), with a
    Bad bitch (Bitch), niggas straight rockin' (Rock)
    Niggas straight see me, when they see me, they be coppin' (What?)
    I'm the best drug dealer, nigga, come and cop it (Got it)
    Young Sheck Wes, I'm like the fuckin' Green Goblin (Hahahaha)

    I got hoes (Hoes, ho)
    Callin' a young nigga phone, phone (Bitch)
    Where's Ali with the mothafuckin' dope?
    (With the mothafuckin' dope)
    Dope (With the mothafuckin' dope)
    With the mothafuckin' dope (Bitch)
    With the dope (Gettin' rich), with my bros (Bitch, shit)
    I fucked your ho (Shit)
    And she ain't even let you know (Shit fucked up)

    Damn, this nigga nice, fuck is you talking about?
    ('Cause I got) Bitch (Hoes)
    And my nigga One-Six, my nigga
    Ali, the Daytrip nigga, fuck is niggas talking about?
    (I got hoes, shit
    Young Sheck Wes, I do it on the go)
    Uh, woah, uh

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