‘She Says a Lot Of DUMB Things’ – Ben Shapiro DEBUNKS Ocasio Cortez’ Economy Claims On 60 Minutes

Ben Shapiro debunks economy claims from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

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  1. The news 25yrs ago reported on these sick sex shows in Tijuana Mexico where Mexican whores would have sex with donkeys… didn't really believe they had actual sex, thought it was just some act for the sicko gringos from California… until now, that picture of AOC is proof of the dirty deed… someone, get a carrot for the Congressass… eeeaw…eeeaw

  2. you stole this video and post it as your own… i like Ben and i think it's completely wrong that you're posting his video…have you paid him to post his videos?? if you haven't, then you're a thief!!!

  3. Wish he would speak a bit bit slowlier. But please take care of "green ideas". We have them in Germany for real and as everyone in the world can see… it's better to avoid them 🙁

  4. Commie Cortez name was Sandy in High School. I'd like to Fed-Ex her to Venezuela so she could view her Socialist paradise in person. The irony is these wealthy Bolshevik elites use every tax dodge including moving to states like Flori-duhhh where there's no state tax.

  5. Cortez looks totally insane and she should be deported to the socialist heaven of Venezuela where she can enjoy and thrive in her dream environment – fact is, she would never go because she she knows the truth about socialism and it's utter failure but really wants it for America.

  6. Been say it like it really is this women is and idiot with a big mouth with nothing worth while to say. I think she just likes to hear herself talk. She is a uninformed horror to listen to.

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