SCRAPPER © feature documentary, aka Of Bombs And Men, Range Runner

Written, Directed, Produced by Stephan Wassmann.
Off the grid on a live military bombing range, defiant desert dwellers risk life and limb scrapping the impact areas for lucrative military metals from exploded and unexploded cluster bombs, target vehicles and brass from attack helicopter Gattling guns. Ride shotgun into an adrenalized world of aluminum fever, crystal meth, survival and redemption.
“A wild ride…a strong statement about a devastated American dream…” Filmmaker Magazine
“This is one of the film finds of the year ” Unseen Films”
“Nervy…will win fans wherever it plays…” Variety
“Will have your mind buzzing for days afterward.” DBBorroughs…
This film is the exclusive property of Little Mules Productions, LLC. Des Bombes et des Hommes



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  1. I hung out with JR for several days back in the 90's while shooting a feature for FOX. He claimed JR stood for Jack Rabbit. We collected so much brass and aluminum and broke down several times in his buggy. He took a photo if me standing on the fin of a live 1000 lb bomb impaled in the ground. In the photo you can see I'm holding the arming wire in one hand. I wonder whatever became of him?

  2. This is a story about a forgotten community that is ignored by our government. When the jobs leave your community for cheaper labor, what will you, what would you do to survive?

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