Rolling Lego BB-8 Design Update 01

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How to build a Lego Rolling BB-8

We’ve been working through countless attempts to make tweaks and improvements on the Lego Rolling BB-8 Prototype. The video provides a nice demonstration of the new features and updates to the design that are currently ready including the pop up Nightwatcher worm!



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  1. i can't believe LEGO didn't approve this!!! this is a brilliant design, you did an amazing job! Supporting it is the reason i signed up to the lego ideas website. i'm very disappointed, but hope you will keep creating beautiful and inspiring things!

  2. I'm sorry that your project was rejected :(. Even though, please share your instructions as fast as possible, because I have things in my basket in bricklink store and I want to also add to it parts needed to your BB-8! 😀

  3. Hey, Remember me? I commented on your account, and I supported and subbed to you, I know youprobasbly wont, but could yousub to me? I knoe it'sa long shjot, but You do som any things that are great, and it would make my day "D

  4. If, If if IF.. This doesn't make it to production, can you please make a video showing how to make the BB8? (And which sets have the parts?) I do think that it will make it though! (:

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