RiceGum Scammed his Fans AGAIN? #DramaAlert Ace Family CREEPY Video LEAKED! (FouseyTube BROKE!)


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  1. Fousey is just an egotistical asshole, NOT bi-polar. He has been bait and switching everyone since his days of pranks, hoaxes and "social experiments". He's a con man, don't fall for his shit.

  2. THE LOLIPOP SITUATION: To the child's eye (Valentina) (who doesnt know what a dick looks like (and obviously she seemed totally clueless) it's only a weirdly shaped lolipop . And when she eats it's gonna taste like a lolipop so basically to her it has every characteristic of a lolipop so she would call that a lollipop and yes its shaped like a penis but she doesn't know that, and ofc when she gets older she will know, and some of you guys say that she will feel embarrassed when she gets older but you have to understand that she was small at that time and it was nothing but a lollipop to her so she wouldn't feel THAT embarrassed or guilty OR feel like it was her fault, BUT she would feel A LOT more embarrassed if the situation was that she understood what that was and asked Austin to buy it (which i don't think she will ever do lol cause Valentina is such a sweet girl, and why would she want to ask her uncle to buy her a penis shaped lolipop if she truly understood what that was) . Also yes Austin did buy her the candy but he asked her multiple times if she REALLY wanted it in the original vid (she seemed very excited that she's gonna be getting the lolipop because again…its just a lolipop to her) so he bought it for her. And in the end of the day Valentina was really happy.

  3. Ricegum shouldn’t get hate. The people had a choice whether to use the site or not. And if kids used it they needed a credit card which they would probably have to get from there parents so it’s on the parents fault also. This is just my opinion

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