Controlling the kids Noise level in the classroom

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TeachersConnect Staff asked 3 years ago

I recently started teaching 8th grade reading. I feel like most days I have control and know what I’m doing, but then there are days when I really feel lost and out of my element. The biggest issue is the noise level. Now, it’s honestly that too terrible. There’s no screaming or anything like that. The noise level is usually normal or lower voices.It causes some students to get off task and I even had a student talk to me in private- he actually asked me if I could make the class more quiet so he could focus. Needless to say, I felt terrible. I also know it’s not just my class- my entire pod area has the same issue.

I’ve bribed them with candy(which works but let’s be honest, I can’t afford this constantly and do not think this is the correct response). I’ve threatened referrals and have even written a few students up. I give warnings and I am consistent. But, it seems no matter what I do I just can’t get them to quiet down.

Does anyone have advice on how you keep your kids quiet? Also, being a new reading teacher, I could really use some advice on activities and assignments.