Programming 4 Kids in Scratch 2: Challenge #48 – Maze Walking

Welcome to Programming 4 Kids with Scratch 2.

This is the 48th of over 60 challenges to teach kids (about 5th grade and up) programming using Scratch 2.

This challenge creates a program where the player moves the sprite around the stage using the arrow keys.

Challenges build upon earlier challenges so I recommend viewing all of the challenges in order. Feel free to browse around and watch what interests you. If you find a challenge too hard try going back to earlier challenges to build your foundation.

The last challenge shows children they’re ready to program in other languages (Java, C++, C, Python, JavaScript) with a challenge comparing blocks of Scratch with block of code from other languages.

Comment policy:

I’ll try to answer your questions when I can.

Positive and constructive negative feedback is always welcome.

Since the videos are aimed at children I will remove comments that I deem to be inappropriate for children.

This challenge, the TV series and the YouTube channel are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by MIT or Scratch.

Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See

Visit my website @ www.Programming4Kids.Info.

Directed, produced, written, edited and narrated by Michael Laman.

Theme music by Matthew Harris.

© 2015 Michael Bram Laman


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