PATRIOT: UFC Fighter And Green Beret, Tim Kennedy, & Friends Prove It’s Not Torture

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Lucian Wintrich for the Gateway Pundit reports, In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, UFC fighter and Greet Beret / U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, Tim Kennedy posted a video of him getting waterboarded.

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PATRIOT: UFC Fighter And Green Beret, Tim Kennedy, & Friends Waterboard Each Other To Prove It’s Not Torture [VIDEO]

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  1. Have a towel or shirt pulled tight to keep your mouth open , poor water over face. Not the same as laying a towel over your face and having water poured on it. RETHINK WHAT YOU THINK.

  2. Next we can have a boxer demonstrate that being punched is not battery, a BDSM enthusiast can tell us that choking is not excessive force, and a Bikram yoga instructor can assure us that it's OK to leave your kids in a hot car.

  3. Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed ( the mastermind of the 9-11 attack [ remember that ?] ) and 2 other terrorists were "waterboarded" to gain information on future attacks. Oh my! You mustn't make a terrorist uncomfortable ! After all, it is far preferable to have thousands of innocent American dead than to have a terrorist feel any discomfort in any way.

  4. The Clinton's and their cabal walking around free is torture for patriots to watch. Do something about that before we worry about "torturing" actual enemy combatants. There are real issues to be concerned with.

  5. China killed our cia, while we give their spies fair trials…. wake up, ppl. US is fucked when they criticize the oerson that tortures terrorists…… crying baby idiots

  6. Genghis Khan new fear was not a bad thing he would go into a city-state wipe out everything but one person and then have that person go to the next city state and tell him what happened the next city state would immediately cave rather than be subjected to that. That's not always a bad idea

  7. People must understand that waterboarding can in no realistic way be equated to torture having been waterboarded myself I can tell you it is an uncomfortable situation and for weak people and is a very uncomfortable situation but it is certainly not torture and the best part is that when used on Muslim terrorist it almost always works efficiently and quickly

  8. If it isn't torture why do it? Your telling me that a guy laying down voluntarily can get up anytime. It is different when you are tied down by people who don't give a damn if you drown. Gary this is disgusting

  9. Water boarding is torture.Torture works. The dod has been doing it for years. There's a lot of people in the government that need to be water boarded. Water boarding is just one way the government tortures people.

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