Obstacle Avoidance – Lego NXT 2.0

Demonstration of an autonomously obstacle avoiding robot, constructed with the Lego NXT 2.0 platform. It utilizes 3 motors (2 for tires, 1 for the sensor), 1 ultrasonic sensor, and 1 XBee Series 1 attached via a NXTBee. The XBee is for sending sensor data to, and receiving commands from, a remote PC. The PC is executing a program that is interpreting the data from the robot, and sending it instructions about how to move. This distributed architecture allows for more intense processing to be performed on a more powerful computer, while the robot has only minimal processing requirements–just enough to send data to the PC and to execute commands it receives.

The NXT brick’s original firmware was replaced with leJOS.



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  1. Ahh I see~
    I wanna see if I can try and do this without the XBees for a project that's why~ The way this all works would be really useful for my project.
    I did figure a way to make it do something similar, and it seems to work pretty well.

  2. I have two XBees: one is on the robot, and the other is attached to a PC. The XBees are linked to each other, and they send data back and forth. However, to do what this robot is doing at the moment, you probably don't need XBee radios. It would actually be easier not to use XBees! 🙂 I wanted to demonstrate distributed processing between the robot and computer, as a proof-of-concept. The idea is that I can now do more sophisticated programming on the PC that could not be done on the NXT.

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