Mötley Crüe and Mödern JavaScript – Eric Brandes

Rock and roll is littered with bands that just didn’t pan out. For every AC/DC there is a Whitesnake. For every Metallica there is a Rick Springfield. Front end development follows a similar arc. Ideas like server rendering and script minification are classics. They are the White albums of web technology. Others, like Angular 4, are misguided and destined to fizzle like the careers of Warrant, Tesla or the Scorpions.

Join me for an irreverent look at the state of front end development viewed through the lens of a rock and roll historian. We will be showcasing effective front end techniques and technologies, while helping you avoid the one hit wonders. You’ll learn solid fundamentals and a critical eye for new tech, so you can embrace new frameworks that are more like the Beatles, and less like Poison.


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