Mk-III, the ultimate Lego prosthetic arm.

A few months ago I got a gift from a close friend called Jordi. This gift was a 4k Lego set (42055) that I transformed into my new prosthetic limb, the Mk-III.

Special thanks to:

Jordi Cachafeiro
Pere Matamales
Pilar Calvo
Albert Batalla
Ana Villas
Galaxy Andorra

Enjoy 🙂

Thanks for watching ❤️



Total building time including video sampling: 11h

Songs used in this video:

Bad Computer- Paradigm
Pegboard Nerds- Frainbreeze

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  1. Yeah, Dave. It's really very cool!
    You are so awesome, dude!
    Respect for your skills and strength! 💪
    God bless you! 😊

    My brother also has a physical handicap but does not see the world with those positive eyes like you do!
    You will become the best engineer in the future on earth! Believe me… 😎

  2. Magnifique je suis pas aussi jeune que toi mais l'époque des Legos est vraiment fait pour la créativité j'ai jouer avec mon
    frère pendant des années et c'est sans limite. Le lier à un handicap est vraiment génial !!!

  3. Hi! I'm Phoebe, a news editor from Taiwan. We found your video and would like to report it on our page(! Would you mind give me the permission to use your video? We'll add some subtitles and tag your account in the video and the post. Hope to hear from you soon! Thx 🙂

  4. The moment he said „crane“, i was thinking about kharim in Hanar from the game „Dying Light“.
    BTW: probs to him for this idea. Think about the posibilitys if you can combine this with 3d print and small servomotors.

  5. I want to see what they do practically — open a jar? Be precise enough to help build the next MK? Tie shoelaces? Hold a fork or knife? Drink? Pick nose? Play cards?? I WANT TO SEEEE ALL THE TESTS YOU CAN COME UP WITH!!!

  6. Absolutely great, you are a genius. Why don't you contact LEGO and propose that they manufacture kits for such prosthetics as a "pro bono" project, or at least put your detailed plans on the Internet, so that handicapped people can use them for their own needs (I shy away from the term 'disabled', as I am legally blind, but don't feel disabled – sounds familiar 😉 ?) ? By all means great & very creative work, thank you for these uploads. Cheers from Australia, Florian ( – only if you like to chat).

  7. So when does the MK GLOCK 9 pistola come out jk keep up the great work and enjoy the university life also it's better to be different you'll always have something unique to show the ladies 😉

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