Mike Huckabee RIPS MSNBC Host Who Called Trump Ladies ‘Dead Inside’

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The Patriot Beat reports, Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee tore into MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace for her vile description of Trump women as “dead” inside simply because they support their husband, father, and President, Donald J. Trump. Apparently, if you don’t subscribe to the “progressive cult,” you’re better off “dead.”

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Mike Huckabee RIPS MSNBC Host Who Called Trump Ladies ‘Dead Inside’

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  1. You morons don't see the President the way we do. Deplorable WOMAN for Trump. What happen to # me to. Phony bologna bull crap. There are real women you can't lead around by the nose

  2. Disgusting HYPOCRITICAL ASSRAGS! Did "THEIR" Feeble Brains Warp and Break??!! Don't "THEY" See How PATHETIC "THEY" Are? It Sucks Having to Listen to "THEIR" ANTI AMERICAN RHETORIC AND BIAS EVERY TIME A TELEVISION IS TURNED ON! Pure Insanity.

  3. the only women that have to be dead inside to be doing what that stormy individual does is a w** like her period when you have a position in the White House you use your brain not the lower part of your body.

  4. see how twisted and corrupt these women are? the elevated a pornstar and they're putting down conservative women!! How scummy can you be to do that. these women themselves do not have any morals when they cannot see that they're comparing a pornstar with women who keep their clothes on and do not sell their bodies for money.

  5. How are these people so retarded, how is it wrong to say you don't respect a porn star like you do a woman who has a respectable career? Since when is being a porn star a respectable career? I thought all these people were mad about the sexual objectification of women, since when is porn not making women sexual objects? Shouldn't they be against the porn industry? Oh I forgot it doesn't matter what you do, say or think, as long as you hate Trump. What pathetic pieces of shit. Then to say that the "Trump women" are bought of or dead inside because they don't agree with you like all your brain dead minions do, it's ridiculous. It's the idiots on the left who have a severely distorted view of Trump

  6. Yeah I kind of thought PMS dnc's Nicole Wallace is the one who's dead inside and paid off. Since she's paid by George Soros to Tote The Lying left-wing water that should tell you right there she has no morals. Maybe it's these low lives that are looking at it wrong. After all they thought the jug yard Overlord walked on water we all know what floats on water and that's pretty well what his presidency was he gave away the store by to every 10 horn dictator on the planet and soul decided every turn and these Bimbo's and that's as good a word as I can find for them that he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Once again the left is wrong

  7. This is exactly what a Sociopath acts likes . Everything thing they accuse others of , is actually painting a master piece of their own demented self's . When you hear a Liberal or a Democrat spew such arrogance and actuation's , just remember they are describing themselves . They can't help it , its a Sociopath involuntary reaction .

  8. ("in a way that you and I can't understand") yea demonreptiles are blinded by the limelights that used to be around them, etc. (more than jealousy)

  9. "Ivanka Trump is about the most masterful compartmentalizer" says the slowmofemale who obviously wishes she could do the same! (on top of wanting to be on the RIGHT side.)

  10. (cnn/ msnbc/ foxnewsshortnews; hardly any dam difference; in foxnewsshortnews make sure you throw out that apple pie!) (they're giving these pigs hope.)

  11. yea they're "dead inside" and the msnbc/ cnn/ etc are demons. (go figure!) PRESIDENT TRUMP SPEAKS. USA SPEAKS. JUANRR3 SPEAKS. REAL NEWS. (HISTORIES.)

  12. The Trump ladies have class. Sarah Sanders is beautiful inside and out, and smart! The people who constantly put them down are mean and ugly! I am Latina and am proud of and support my President Trump and his family and Sarah Sanders who endure daily abuse from the press and ugly so-called comedian hypocrites-shame on all of them, they do not speak for me.

  13. This infuriates me as a proud woman Veteran and a supporter of our President Donald J Trump! As for MSNBC you apparently have truly lost all morals and grasp of reality. Sacrifice life, limb and soul to defend your fellow man instead of running your uneducated mouth piece for money!!!!! Then just maybe you can get a glimpse of the women you claim to know!!!!

  14. Lies, lies and the cultural Marxist projecting what they are on to others which is turning things upside down Eric processed. These are programmed slaves with no original thoughts parroting the left party line propaganda to keep the illusions that are dissolving now, a live. It will not work even on them any more.

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