McDonalds Made Me Do It

McDonalds made me fat

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  1. i guess i'll never understand why it's entertaining to spend hundreds of dollars for new tires, not to mention wear and tear on a car…it would be more entertaining to give $600 to a homeless person

  2. I've never disliked one of your videos until now, but that talk at the end went too far. What about big corporations taking ownership? this is the same mentality that blames the impoverished for their poverty, claiming they don't work hard enough. As a cis het white man in the midwest, you're at the top of the food chain and nothing holds you back. That's not true for the rest of us. There are food deserts in my city, and people can't afford to travel 2 hours round trip to get healthy groceries when they've been at work all day and have to go home to their kids. Try and tell me fast food corporations don't take complete advantavge of this situation. I'll bet you voted for Trump, and that terrifies me. I may have to unsubscribe, although I love most of your content, as I refuse to support your conservative ideals.

  3. I thought the slingshot was for people with chest injuries, not shoulder. You need to keep your shoulders tucked in anyway and in your case you should focus on close grip bench with shoulder width.

  4. Check out David Goggins here on YouTube and Instagram.. Especially his interview here on YouTube with Tom Bilyeu ..

    And why are you selling your house..?? I hope it's because you're choosing to and not because you have to.. Man, home ownership is a dream for me at this time in my life..

  5. Just wanted to say that I really loved this video! All of your videos are great but I thoroughly enjoyed this one, really casual and relaxed 🙂 Also do you ever listen to AJR? Their style is VERY similar to Jon Bellion.

  6. I need to start adding brussel sprouts more to my food makes foods zero calories thanks Trav! Haha good video man! Always leave your videos with some future wisdom towards my career, housing and life in general!

  7. Honestly I usually fit the whole bag of popchips into my macros. Love those things. Also I loved the talk about taking ownership 💪 everyone today is just looking for someone to blame

  8. I have watched all of your videos. Every damn one of those beauts. I have grown with you as ra rich homie and made some social, physical, and economic gains. I have spent hundreds of hours in that home, crazy isn't it. Just recently found a girl, think you could too. Live your life, it ain't that serious. Love ya trav.

  9. Travis I don't know if you have anxiety, but even if you don't could you do a video on how you deal with depression/anxiety or just everyday struggles that really effect you mentally and physically? Thanks & I appreciate you man

  10. I'm either confused or I missed a video.. I know you're selling the house.. but you're making it sound like owning it is putting you out on skid row? And in the poor house.

    You bought it because yiur mom had wanted you to find someone and have a nice home.. so the timing may not have been best for you to anchor down at such a young age..
    But damn… there's people my age 45, that are wishing right now we'd be 20+ years into a 30 year mortgage.. instead of paying rent to someone else for the past 20 years.. and having ZERO to show for it.

    Travel, new truck, toys for the channel, it doesn't seem as dire as you're making it out to be.. not saying you're creating a false narrative because I don't know your financials.. but you seem like you wouldn't let that spin out of control anyway.

    Having wanderlust is 1 thing.. and you're absolutely entitled to do and live however you choose to.. but people are taking this as buying a house is a mistake..
    and if you can afford it.. it really isn't!
    again the option b is paying rent somewhere.. and having nothing when you're done.

    It's like leasing a car.. if you don't care if you don't own anything.. and just want a new car every couple years that's great.. but getting something in return for your money seems like more your cup of tea.. I mean coffee.

  11. At the beginning of this year I listened to Extreme Ownership on Audible and it has changed my life I feel like I have a new relationship with everyone in my life. Just by changing how I react to a situation especially by not blaming others. Thanks for the recommendation travis

  12. Every time someone does that to their car do they have to get new tires?! I'd imagine they're wasted from that 😛

    I'm excited to see where you end up. I think the house was meant to happen because I'm sure it's influenced who you are and where you are today.

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