Make: Lego and Arduino Projects: Projects for extending Mindstorms Nxt with opensource E-Book

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Make amazing robots and gadgets with two of todays hottest Diy technologies. With this easy-to-follow guide, youll learn how to build devices with Lego Mindstorms Nxt 2.0, the Arduino prototyping platform, and some add-on components to bridge the two. Mindstorms alone lets you create incredible gadgets. Bring in Arduino for some jaw-dropping functionalityand open a whole new world of a drink dispenser, music synthesizer, wireless lamp, and moreeach fun and fascinating project includes step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations to guide you through the process. Learn how to set up an Arduino programming environment, the sketches and libraries you need, and work with Arduinos language for non-programmers. Its a perfect book for students, teachers, hobbyists, makers, and kids of all a Drawbot that roams around and traces its path with a marker penconstruct an analog Mindstorms clock with hands that display the correct timecreate a machine that mixes a glass of chocolate milk at the touch of a buttonmake a Gripperbot rolling robotic arm that you control wirelessly with Arduinos mounted on your armsexplore electronic music by building a guitar-shaped Lego synthesizerbuild a Lego lamp with on/off and dimmer switches that you control with a smartphone applicationjump feet first into the world of electronics, from learning Ohms Law to working with basic componentsyou’ll need the Bricktronics shield created for this book by Open Source Hardware kit maker Wayne and Layne, or you can build a breadboarded equivalent (see Chapter 10) for about $25 in parts.


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