letting the person in FRONT of us DECIDE what clothes we buy!!

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  1. out of everyone in the vlog squad, you three would be my DREAM friend group ❤️❤️ real, funny asf, so gorgeous, and make everything 1000x more fun 🤣🤣 shopping with you guys would be a blast 🤣🤣

  2. I love the glitter pants/jeans on Carly at the end, they look so sparkly and cute af on her . Both of you did quite well really because even the first look/outfit that Erin is wearing would look better if they were used in different combinations, as in swap tops/jumpers and skirts used. What a great idea for a video, and a way to get some new clothes, and to be able to write it down as expenses for the video for tax purposes. I loved it!

  3. Im a teacher and I do not dress like that lmfao, I literally wear high waisted skinny jeans and vans and a regular top, sometimes crop… dressing so modestly isn't a thing no more !

  4. First outfit if you put the sweater with a cute pair of blue jeans and the skirt with a tank crop top it could easily make a fit and make you not look like a teacher

  5. I'm an Au Pair and I'm not surprised you've never heard of it before. It's a foreign childcare provider that comes to a country for a cultural experience. Or we are basically cheap labour 😂 love your videos ❤️

  6. we stan. also i was explaining to my grandma what “spill the tea” means and she replied with “remember, tea stains so be careful where you spill.” literally an icon

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