Let’s Play Metal Gear Solid 5 (BLIND) Part 2: STARTING FROM SCRATCH

We literally lost everything nine years ago. Time to start anew. Brand spanking new. At least as new as a one handed, one horned, one-eyed grizzled man can muster. Let the open world begin!

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  1. The arabic writing on the sign at 23:27 wasn't actually "words" It was just random letters forming gibberish like "tjksdhjkhfs". Not only that but half the letters in the writing itself aren't even real arabic letters.

  2. As someone who has gotten over 30% completion so far here are some pointers ( no spoilers)
    R1 brings you into first person mode while aiming a gun
    Play all the side ops missions but only record the ones that have gold lettering
    Check your gmp development stuff after every mission, including side missions
    If you think the story is forcing you to kill someone , wait and look for all your options
    Interrogating and fultoning are super important ( makes gz interrogations so petty it's ridiculous)
    And as many people have pointed out, you can listen to tapes anytime

  3. For the past few day there have been issues with the online servers, so I'd recommend you to disconnect the game from online status (the option is within the left click touch pad when playing) specially if you see the i-droid menus taking too long to load (there are square dots in the top right at times when it's connecting to updates stats to the cloud or what not).

    As someone mentioned it, you can listen to any track while riding the horse or just playing the game, as how open world the game is you'll have plenty of times to do this while reckoning places.
    Also, the game shows you in yellow the more important tapes to listen to that are connected to the main story, so you don't have to listen to everything if you don't want to.

    As for the missions you're right, this will be a LONG playthrough and you should only record the main stories…. BUUUT there are a few important side missions that are marked in yellow letters, those you should TOTALLY record them. Or maybe just be recording all the time and upload the good stuff if something crazy happens.

    Anyhow keep it up, this will be interesting playthrough.

  4. About an hour ahead of you. This is probably one of the last games in a long time I'll care about spoilers. This is the last Kojima MGS game, and the one that closes the loop. Me and MGS go back, so I'm stoked to see how it plays out

  5. the "horn" was actually done on purpose by kojima. His tag line for the game was "when man becomes demon" so he wanted some symbolism that showed that. even when you stand still and look behind you your hanging strap is supposed to symbolize his "tail"

  6. On a totally unrelated note, part of the reason you're seeing Hideo Kojima's name plastered everywhere is because Konami basically screwed him on this game and is forcing him out of the company for disagreeing with some of their mandates. They took his name and company logo off of all the advertising and the game's boxart, so I think the constant name-dropping is him getting a little bit of revenge.

  7. One thing you didn't cover about spoilers that I think is important for commenters to understand – if Funky speculates about something ("I bet that this guy is secretly doing this!") and he's right, DON'T TELL HIM. THAT IS STILL A SPOILER. That kind of BS happened a lot in the Persona 4 LP and it caused a total fustercluck.

  8. you can listen to the tapes on the go,so no need to worry about "briefing" episodes.
    after pressing play on a tape,just press B/O to go back in the idroid menu or just press start to close the idroid,the tapes will keep playing and only stop if you actually press on the tape menu for them to stop,so you can play and sneak around while you listen +Funky G @Funky G

  9. On your point about spoilers. I'm assuming you might have taken my posts as spoilers too. Just want to clarify that I have made a point to not read previews about the game, or watch gameplay videos, so I too am going in this blind. When you posted that vid yesterday I also had only made it to that point, and everything I said was me speculating (and worded it appropriately) in an effort to have a discussion on what was going on. Even if I had gone past that point I am very spoiler concerned too and would only talk about the thoughts I had while playing that part of the game. Nevertheless, I'll refrain from posting on your future vids just to play it safe.

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