Let’s make History!

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Let’s make History!

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  1. I watch your channel every day from Canada for the Truth about what is happening in the world…..More people leave the Propaganda BS of the MSM everyday and seek out Alternative news sources for the TRUTH….Give them hell Gary.

  2. Is that All the Higher that Aircraft is going to Fly? They Will NOT fly over the Sky-Cloaking! I've heard others say they fly real low and you see everything below. Not no Altitude anymore of 35,000 ft.

  3. What you are Doing is So Very Heart-Warming !! Standing Up For All Of Us, Gary!
    My Prayers are with you !! May GOD Bless You !! And I Surely know HE will !!
    We all Stand With You … And you Stand Steadfast, Strong … For Our LORD JESUS
    What you are doing is RIGHT !! Again? May GOD Bless You and May GOD Bless Every Single One of HIS Children !!

  4. Gary i saw the video of u on the jet, and the engine all whacked out and you being sucked out of the window. Thank god you didn't start your diet that day. Lol. Good to see your had a safe flight. I cant lose my favorite news caster. God bless

  5. Welcome to Washington D.C.! The only place with more Fucked Up Roads than Los Angeles or San Francisco. All designed by democrats to help the downtrodden. Can't get anywhere without screaming now!

  6. I can remember when all you had to do was buy the ticket and get on the plane. We were a hell of va lot freer then. I wonder if the loss of that freedom was worth the price? It will never be restored and its memory will die out with those who lived in that time. Once that memory has been lost it will become easier to take away the freedom that is left.

  7. Yes Gary, the traffic in DC sucks. Try driving a semi truck on all those little one way roads. I hope this trip has some fun included in your plans. Good luck Gary MAGA!!!!!!!!! ….. Gary, what do you call 2 ducks phuking in mid- air?……….. Flying United….. have fun!

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