Lets Learn HTML5 and CSS3! [FULL 3hrs+]

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  1. "I'm not that educated so I just make up what things mean. Rest assured you can listen to me talk about it." Not sure if thats the most reassuring thing to tell someone that you're trying to teach something new to. lol

  2. hi iam from egypt 
    i don't know how to say it but realy thanks for your time even if i have to search more about java and other languge to learn the all game 
    but realy thanks 
    my full respect from egypt 😀

  3. dude I just wanna let you know how much I appreciate you! you are literally saving my life! I looked at how much of this I had to do and I know how much of a struggle it is for me and i cried lmao but you have taught me more than my own computer teacher has, im almost done and now im gonna pass his class, thank you, thank you SO much! Youre the real MVP!

  4. Thanks a lot bro, you just walked me through this from start to finish! I was already a novice in HTML + CSS but to make it through a whole course is something I hadn't done yet. Feels pretty good! Thanks!

    Can't wait to do the Javascript, starting now. Coding binge. 🙂

  5. Did you ever make a video explaining how you made quarlie? I know its really late but I just found your channel a couple days ago and I'm hooked! Your an "IT" correct? I ask because I found a teacher to prep and teach me about networking and system analyst to get certified for like the A+ certification but I'm wondering if that's necessary. I don't mind learning but I just wanna learn for the sake of learning idk if I want to be an "IT" because Im infatuated with the idea of coding and software development. Any thoughts and or suggestions?

  6. I took a Web Page Design class in high school and learned all about HTML. Every time I enter a site now I can only cringe at some of the mistakes I see. XD

    We even discussed and worked with The Dreamweaver program to edit and create HTML code. In my opinion it is considerably easier to use, however it is important to know the basics of it. :3

  7. Yeah I know I subbed to your second channel already and started watching your java vid, hey is it cool if I shoot you an email I'm the morning? I have a question and a suggestion for you vids that you might like, anyway I appreciate you taking the time to teach so for that I thank you

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