This is the second versoin of my monster, I am very satisfied with the improvements I’ve made. Unlike the old versoin, it is equipped with a color and light sensor. For this robot, they simply act as color lamps. First, It goes forward with the light sensor’s LED off, and the color sensor shows green until the ultra sonic sensor see’s something closer than 12 inches. Then the monster is angry, and turns on the light sensor LED and sets the multi-color lamp to red. Then, he stops, and with one single motor, he swings his claws back-and-forth, simultaneously shaking his head up and down. After he has blown off his steam of not being able to go any farther that direction, he changes his color lamp to blue and backs away, turns right, turns off his light sensor LED, changes his color lamp back to green, and continues going forward again. For pictures, the program, and building instructions, see it on the MINDSTORMS Community:



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  1. if you want to transform it in a battle robot,i suggest you to place the sonic sensor above;
    if you do,when a bot touch the wheel will face up for the ramp-effect and the claws will hit the enemy.
    or just make it a little less tall.

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