Lego Digital Designer; Tutorial, Tips, Tricks: #17 Auto Hinge Align Tool

Here it is guys, the next tutorial in Lego Digital Designer explaining to you on how to use the Auto Hinge Align Tool.

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  1. I've been working on a design based on a model I built in real life, just to make sure it was actually compatible.  It's got a lot of tricky angles though, and it would be all but impossible to actually make it connect.  If the Hinge Align Tool could act on three or four joints at once, that would help.

    At least now I understand what it does though.

  2. I think the reason why you tend to get errors a lot is because the piece alignments you want are not physically compatible. For example, the pin and beam alignment for the beam (at 3:52) is not physically attainable due to piece geometry. It's all because of trigonometry. However, I do tend to struggle with this tool when it comes to flexing elements. I sometimes have a design in mind that requires a lot of flexing and alignment and more often than not it doesn't seem to work. Thanks for the video though!

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