LEGO Blocks CNC machined from Billet Aluminium

Fusion360 CNC machined LEGO blocks

Machine used:
Rotary phase converter used:
Post processor supplied by:
Vise used:
Tooling & workholding by:
Download Fusion360 file here:
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  1. Hi aaron, another very enjoyable CNC vid. Very entertaining as usual. It sure looks like the Syil is doing the business really well.
    Thanks again for another great production Aaron. Peter

  2. Hey Aaron.
    It looks like you had fun making this part.
    It was good to see the part made right from the start to finish.
    Nice work on Fusion too.
    I might need to think about buying Fusion. One Day ???????

    I Love your Feeds and Speeds chart.
    I get no love for not showing Feeds and Speeds.

    In future if anyone ask to add them, maybe i might reply to the comment by referring them to your channel, LOL.
    At the moment i get questions about my mill and people want to know more.
    Normally i refer them to you to check out your SYIL.

    Thanks for the video.
    Nice part Too.
    Regards Peter.

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