Learn to Scratch – Online Scratching Course (Sneak Peek)

Free Lesson from Scratching Course: https://goo.gl/TpMzJ9
Lesson Plan & Course Details: https://goo.gl/xKFdr4

If you want to learn to scratch using your DJ controller, XDJ RX2 or any other set up then look no further! We have developed a complete course to take you from the baby scratch all the way into advanced combo’s and flares.

Not only that but we will teach you how to actually use scratching in a practical way in your DJ sets!



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  1. If only I had that kind of money. It's the same shit for all of the scratch tutorials like for example scratch academy. If this course was released on YouTube it would be the only 100% start to finish course. I appreciate the effort that went into this, and I understand that releasing something like this for free would be a massive loss for Crossfader as the chance of profit selling the course is huge but now he has sold it, it can never be released for free as the buyers would flip shit. Just sucks sometimes that the only thing limiting your progression when DJing is cost.

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