KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar! – Full Demo!

If you’ve ever been turned off a travel guitar because of sub-par playability, build quality, tuning stability, and tone, do yourself a favor and check out a KLOS!

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  1. Wow. When I heard USA-made and carbon fiber I was scared to go on the net and look up the price. 600 bucks!? That’s seems like a great freaking deal. I was envisioning something closer to $2,000

  2. it sounded good but that head-stock for me just completely turns me off and the rolled edges on the back of the body. but the carbon body looks cool.

  3. Very cool & compact ~ sounds decent – but hey – it's you, Darrell, playing. I enjoyed watching you grab the klos out of the snow… how would it hold up in a rain storm? What about the wooden neck? I am small – so I very much like the size. & what would be the point to drag out a 'my dog has fleas' band sounding guitar to play? Not enjoyable what-so-ever. Clear sound IS important ~ as the opposite is screeching scratches on a chalkboard. Thanks for the review.

  4. For a guitar marketed as a travel guitar that can be taken apart into two pieces (neck & body), you would think they would have made a custom backpack to fit said two pieces… If there is one on their website, I can’t find it. Other than that, it looks like a great travel guitar.

  5. The guitar is great! But 600 dollars (base price) is just a little overpriced in my opinion. I get that the materials are good but for 600 dollars you can also get a great Fender Mexican Strat for example. But definately a great concept!

  6. I have and old Ovation Custom Balladeer made out of carbon fiber. What amazes me is that the guy who bought it set it up in the US in 1987 and then 10 years later someone bought it from Europe and toured with it and 15 years later I got it and the guitar still feels like new, apart from string changes and cleaning it never needed else. It survived two accidents, extreme weather changes, (been to sauna as well because why not?!) And it's still very accurate and plays awesome. I broke a couple of guitars and had lots of issues with other instruments but this one…. this one still rocks.
    Carbon fiber rulez

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