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Wonder League Robotics Competition

What is the Wonder League Robotics Competition?

Coding is the new team sport for future tech leaders and innovators. Over 2 months, children in teams of up to 5 will design solutions to real-world science and technology challenges by programming and building extensions for their Dash & Dot robots. They will develop problem solving and creativity skills, learn about issues facing the world around them, and build meaningful relationships with their peers. Top teams will be invited to complete the Final Round in Spring 2017.

Solutions are submitted online, so your team can compete from anywhere in the world. It’s FREE to participate!

ime Commitment

No prep work for organizers! We give you all the content you need to get started. We recommend that kids meet in their teams for 2 hours per weekafter the competition starts. Your goal should be to complete one mission per week. This leaves room for holidays, debugging, and submission.

Who Can Play?

Anyone between the ages of 6 and 12 when the competition starts on October 17, 2016! Participants will be divided into 2 age brackets: ages 6-8 and ages 9-12.

Required Materials

  • 1 Dash robot
  • 1 Dot robot
  • 1 Programming device (phone or tablet)
  • 2 Building Brick Connectors (comes included with a Dash robot)
  • 3 Solo cups
  • 2 Ping Pong balls (or Launcher balls)
  • A handful of LEGO® bricks for building (no specific set required)
  • A 5ft x 8ft (150cm x 240cm) grid. You can tape down your grid or purchase one at our store.

Submitting Solutions

You will be able to start submitting solutions after the competition starts on October 17. You must submit the key to your Wonder program and a link to a video of your robot completing the mission. For some missions, there will be more detailed submission instructions in the challenge document.

Competition Timeline

October 17

Registration ends. Competition starts and missions are released!

December 15

Deadline to submit solutions.

January 16

Finalists announced. Final Round mission is released!

February 24

Deadline to submit Final Round solutions.

March 15

International winners are announced!

Deadline to submit Final Round solutions.

March 15

International winners are announced!

Competition Rules

  • Team size may range from 1 to 5 members. We recommend a team size of 3-4 members!
  • Participants will be divided into 2 age brackets: ages 6-8 and ages 9-12. Their age on October 17, 2016 determines which bracket they can join. All members in each team must be in the same age bracket. Exceptionif siblings from different age brackets want to compete together, they can compete in the age bracket of the oldest sibling. For instance, if there is a 7-year-old and 10-year-old sibling, they can join the age 9-12 bracket together.
  • Teams must have access to all the required materials.
  • Team members should be finalized by October 17, 2016. No new team members can join after the competition starts
  • Teams must use the Wonder app to complete all challenges.
  • Teams may not share solutions with other teams.
  • Team members can only belong to 1 team.
  • A club or school can have an unlimited number of teams.
  • Teams must have at least one adult organizer. Adult organizers can manage multiple teams,

Adult organizers are allowed to:

  • Help team members train for the competition by helping with the Scroll Quest and any practice challenges.
  • Explain the rules of each mission, including setup, goals, and points.
  • Explain how the features of the robots and Wonder app work outside of the context of the missions. (for instance, where are Dash’s distance sensors?)
  • Take / compile videos for submission.

Adult organizers are not allowed to:

  • Help with programming solutions to missions.
  • Help teams troubleshoot their missions.

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