We are loving the BACK TO SCHOOL week for the kids. We have loved the back to school videos ranging from First Day of School, Back to School Shopping, and now some Back to School Lunches. We were fortunate enough to have an amazing Bunches of Lunches box sent to us from the Family Fudge and Emberlynn is in love with it. Now our kids are even more excited to pack their own lunches for school. So stay tuned for even more videos coming up showing what the kids pack themselves for school lunch to give you some different school lunch ideas. Thanks for watching another PHILLIPS FamBam Back to School Vlog | KIDS BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCHES | KIDS PACK THEIR OWN SCHOOL LUNCHES | NEW Bunches of Lunches Lunch Kit

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  1. Your kids are so sweet loved there lunch preparation good stuff in there fruits impotent that sandwich was good of your sons lol long time since I was at school but hated school a lot lol I'm 39 this year but when I was in Jr school had packed lunch n had fruit, sandwich usually peanut butter or jam or corn beef and crisps with a cerial bar so pretty healthy hated school dinners really didn't taste good lol sometimes used to have milk in a little milk bottle love milk n milkshakes but had juice in my flask but seems like there doing well at school n your great parents keep up good work 👍😊, my parents akways used to read to me I akways read to my grandma n she tought me too n my aunty works in a libery n always has done so it helped but love Reading love books I had n still have Enid Blytons far away tree books my dad used to read all time to me at bedtime night guys xxx

  2. May pay off to pay for their school lunches. I think they would eat it all or most all of it. Leary about meats and cheese sitting out for hours before lunch time unrefrigerated unless insulated supremely well. I always enjoyed school lunches. You get the menu and don't have to buy so much that can be wasted. Also prep time. Doesn't have to be one or the other exclusively.

  3. wow I been not keeping up with your videos I been over my aunt's house and she doesnt have very good wifi so I havent been watching much of anything so when I come home I'm trying to catch up with everything lol I love watching these videos its just fun to me see what they pack… I remember when ya use to love cucumbers do ya still like those or is it different most school years

  4. So sweet to see how precious is your dad-daughter relationship with Emberlynn! My parents divorced when I was 3, so my Dad couldn't read me stories every nights, I wish I would've had more moments like this with him… 😉

  5. We use our rice cooker at least a couple of times a week and we love it! My oldest is 19 and one of his favorite things to make for himself is chicken and rice. He uses the rice cooker everytime. I have also steamed veggies in it before. Mine has a timer so I can get the rice in and have it finish cooking right when I need it.

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