Kenshi – Restarting From Scratch

Restarting my Kenshi series, luckily I only got as far as 2 Episodes into my series when I screwed up the 3rd & 4th Episode as I’d recorded at the wrong resolution. Totally wasted 5 hours lol.
So I’m streaming from a new start to see how this goes & may just stream from now on.
Ok, it won’t be as polished (if it ever was for a noob), but it will save me the editing time & worry about screwing up… again

Thanks for watching.

Genre :- Action, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Kenshi on Steam:-
DEVELOPER :- Lo-Fi Games
PUBLISHER :- Lo-Fi Games
Kenshi (Original Music & Sound Design) by Kole Hicks:-
Yipsway clipart & splashscreens courtesy of Panzoid:-
Old Projector Sample :- Recorded by Daniel Simon


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