JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners #12- Make a Basic Calculator

How to make a simple JavaScript Calculator beginner’s tutorial with HTML and CSS || Watch our blogs

In this tutorial we are about to build a basic calculator in JavaScript. This is a bi-input calculator, that means there will be two input fields with which user can enter data into
project and on submitting the result will be furnished to them realized by the programming code or the script. Whole tutorial can be divided into two chief categories, the first one is
to build up the input fields and the submit button in HTML [and in css if it is applied], the second one is to realize the JavaScript program that will calculate the inputs provided by the user, process and bring on the result to the user at the end. This tutorial is a bit
lengthy and every steps are analyzed accordingly; at the end we shown how to add two numbers as the concatenation and addition operation in JavaScript use a common combinator of ‘+’ sign.

Hope this tutorial will help you in creating your own project with a finer tune. Hope to see you guys in our next tutorial. Until then, Enjoy Learning!!


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