JavaScript Tutorial 12 Doomsday Algorithm

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In this part I continue my JavaScript Tutorial and cover the Doomsday Algorithm. I’ll make a JavaScript app that can find the weekday for and date in history and display the steps.

John Conway discovered the Doomsday Rule. He realized that certain dates in every year all share the same week day. If you can then calculate what each years Doomsday is you can then easily find any weekday for any date.

With a little practice you can perform these calculations in your head and then amaze your friends. I made this JavaScript app to help you practice while at the same time learn more about making fun JavaScript apps.

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  1. Can you help me Im trying to use the w3school template mail and make t dynamic and work with my private messaging system but only 1 resault displays as the template was made to work with js and css but no php or mysql i have if half working only where i can click 1 and it displays but not more than 1 and im stuck? a tut on this would be amazing.

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